Aviation 2050 Vision - Tech for Tactics

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The Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center is looking to the future of Aviation--rotary-winged aircraft--not just 10 or 20 years into the future but out to the year 2050. Under the leadership of Dr. Bill Lewis, Director of the AMRDEC's Aviation Development Directorate, engineers worked together with graphic artists in the AMRDEC's Visualization Lab to develop this concept video entitled "Aviation 2050Vision - Technology for Tactics." The video portrays the "future" of rotorcraft from our perspective. We realize that we don't own this future and so you are encouraged to view our video and contribute to the effort to build the rotorcraft of the future--2050. For more information please contact the AMRDEC Public Affairs Officer at Mervin.e.brokke.civ@mail.mil --- Or visit the AMRDEC's website at www.redstone.army.mil/amrde

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  1. 30035852
    30035852 Jul 10, 2013

    This video has is reminiscent of aspects of the Future Combat Systems program. I'd like to think that you people learned lessons from that debacle, but statements such as 3:05 in the video: "Environmental conditions will not adversely affect flight operations", makes me suspicious that you're relying in some cases on magic. At 3:23 - "Data will be fed to the global information grid, allowing real time reassessment and re-planning in response to changing tactical situations." Is this really a necessary and desirable feature? Do you really want commanders on the other side of the globe making tactical decisions? Such data typically has a short life span in terms of usability and should be shared locally. Think about what would be necessary in order to implement this - for example ad-hoc networks. Do you know what the current state of ad-hoc network protocols is? I would be very leery of defense contractors promising to provide some of these capabilities.

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