10 Impressive Flybys

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Most planes look impressive even when they’re hundreds of feet in the air, but at meters away they’re awe-inspiring.

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  1. nachoman1974
    nachoman1974 Oct 25, 2014

    Nothing like being live... right there.

  2. 6726604
    6726604 Nov 07, 2014

    A large part of flybys is the sound!! Like most internet videos, this one is ruined by crappy "music", that is unrelated to the video, downing out the sound of the jets.

  3. 12870856
    12870856 Nov 08, 2014

    being a widow of a veteran, all I can say is this is awesome.

  4. 27022585
    27022585 Nov 08, 2014

    Awesome flybys but noisy crappy music noise sort of ruins it and why can`t I forward it to my service buddies?

  5. TheMilkManTexas
    TheMilkManTexas Nov 08, 2014

    Amazing! I enjoyed the clips but the music has got to go!

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