Unbelievable F/A-18 Ultra Low Pass

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You can't get much lower than this. A Spanish Air Force F/A-18 does an ultra low pass.

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  1. Chockblock
    Chockblock Jul 27, 2013

    So I assume that this pilot has lost his or her wings for that stunt? I mean if the fly over at a football game higher then that was bad, this is worst. That is a million plus plane thety are flying and not a dam toy.

  2. LogicMine
    LogicMine Jul 28, 2013

    Our Tax Dollars at WORK! Time to be a taker instead of a giver.

  3. BonnUASCBM
    BonnUASCBM Jul 29, 2013

    The FAA and USAF regs don't apply to other countries guys. This may be as legal as flying at 18k'/250kias in Spain. So unless you know the facts guys, I would recommend you don't judge.

    ELDERLYREPTILE Jul 30, 2013

    There are OLD pilots and BOLD pilots but there are no OLD BOLD pilots.

  5. jsalyer
    jsalyer Jul 31, 2013

    Off the deck at about 4 feet. Knew a U.S. Marine F-4 pilot who did the same thing, but that was in the 70's. Today he would have his wings clipped.

  6. UH-1Cdriver
    UH-1Cdriver Aug 06, 2013

    This has got to be a young pilot. There are no old pilots that would have been dumb enough to try it.

  7. 27515814
    27515814 Aug 06, 2013

    Looked to me like he was taking off. He seemed to be over the runway. If that's true, the guys in the SUV were in serious violation of protocols for driving on an airfield.

  8. cyberduk1
    cyberduk1 Aug 07, 2013

    It looks like this guy has the same reckless disregard for safety as his fellow countryman that was driving a high-speed train a few weeks ago.

  9. 6469193
    6469193 Aug 08, 2013

    Spanish FOD Walkdown !!!!!

  10. apachewells2
    apachewells2 Aug 09, 2013

    Prtesident Ike came to NAS Mayport to watch a launch of a F4 while tied up. The first one did ok. The second blew a rooster tail in the water and in the sand of a sand spit ( later to become a Chiefs Club). Quite impressive. The USS Saratoga was a lousy ship, but could launch an aircraft at anchor. This low fly by is childs play

  11. 23662578
    23662578 Aug 10, 2013

    Having been an airshow pilot trained to execute low transition takeoffs I can tell you that this guy has no idea how low he is. The FA-18's radar altimeter reads no lower than 10 feet. One can maintain ten feet by setting the RADALT warning at 10 feet and then fly at 10 feet indicated radar altitude; if the RADALT goes off, you know you're below ten feet. It is very difficult to do...and against the rules in the US Navy. The pilot in this video is obviously foreign, so there may be no similar rules, but that doesn't change the fact that he doesn't have a clue how dangerous that was. The guys on the ground got a kick out of it though, and when you think about it, that's the only reason pilots do such things. I say, "Godspeed young man and good luck...don't f*ck it up."

  12. NGENeer
    NGENeer Aug 18, 2013

    Why shucks - that's just your standard ol' "Touch & Go" - - - But without the "Touch"

  13. 30661697
    30661697 Nov 11, 2013

    All I can say is, To see a F-4 Phantom , make a bomb run and to see him come back around and salute you while on a Recon patrol TAKES BALLS AND A LOT OF PRACTICE ... So get off that pilots ass.....

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