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Paris Air Show Spotlight: Sukhoi S-35

The Russian-built SU-35 has been taking the Paris Air Show by storm -- see a video of its flight demonstration here.

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  1. Malakie
    Malakie Jun 25, 2013

    Impressive. Not to many aircraft can do what it does... Although it is not an F22 Raptor, Russia has definitely come out with a front line aircraft.

  2. ronstupka
    ronstupka Jun 26, 2013


  3. 27209306
    27209306 Jun 27, 2013

    This is some kind lf Aircraft.

  4. Ewah
    Ewah Jun 27, 2013

    The United States does not have a fighter Plane than can out-fly this Sukhoi 35 ... even with our best Pilots.

  5. 29928531
    29928531 Jun 28, 2013

    No need to out fly it if you can hit it while undetected from 100 miles out. It also might not be such a good idea to pull a "cobra" or any other such fancy maneuvre when in a fur ball. As a US fighter pilot once said "I'd love to see him do that in my cross hairs".

  6. AirWing11.
    AirWing11. Jul 01, 2013

    Nice plane.Good job Russia. It's about time you start using a wider range of aircraft. Kinda milked the Mig-29 for all it's got overthese past decades.I stil prefer the F-22 though.

  7. 33485155
    33485155 Dec 22, 2014

    Good Morning: Regarding the comment about "No need to out fly it" I suggest you read the following three links. Please read them in order as the ideas become more believable as you get to #3. Thank You. #1 #2 #3

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