Iraqi Forces Get Su-25s to Fight ISIS

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( -- A video posted by the Iraqi ministry of defense on June 28 showed aircraft from a batch of five from Russian stocks being offloaded in Iraq after being air-freighted to the Imam Ali air base near Nasiriyah in Antonov An-124s. This first batch of Su-25s was hastily refurbished at the 121st ARZ workshop at Kubinka, where the aircraft were given a large Iraqi red/white/black fin-flash before delivery. While one of the aircraft seen so far appears to be a standard Russian air force aircraft, at least one other is an export-standard Su-25K.

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  1. Sword100
    Sword100 Jul 06, 2014

    Who is going to fly these?

  2. loupgarous
    loupgarous Jul 28, 2014

    Sword100 "Who is going to fly these?" The Iraqi Air Force has had the Su-25 Frogfoot since the late stages of the Iran-Iraq War - they got 73 of them in the late 1980s, of which at least 12 survived Desert Storm and subsequent military action. The Iraqis claim that they have competent pilots for that type, although it was phased out of active service just after the 2003 invasion. Nevertheless, rumors are that Russian pilots will be operating the new Su-25s which are being shipped to Iraq, which makes sense given the lack of any recent Iraqi crew experience with the Frogfoot.

  3. 32778982
    32778982 Sep 05, 2014

    Use the video as evidence in the war trials.

    CERTAINLY_YA_KNOWZ Nov 02, 2014



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