F-22 Raptor | Bullet Points

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Want to know about the F-22 Raptor? Here’s a couple quick bullet point facts.

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  1. Greg_Keeling
    Greg_Keeling Aug 12, 2015

    It is interesting that the F-22 line was shut down, and the number of aircraft in inventory is low. It now appears that the F-22 would be cheaper to buy today than the F-35.

    ELDERLYREPTILE Aug 14, 2015

    Too bad this airplane was plagued with problems from day one. With years of delays and Billions of dollars in cost over-runs The AF will have less than 200 of these planes. No more are expected to be built.

  3. 19KILOO7
    19KILOO7 Aug 17, 2015

    We will use the F22 to escort the F35!

  4. JessR39
    JessR39 Aug 19, 2015

    From all signs it looks like the F-35 is a real stinker when it comes to dogfighting and show me 1 pipe-jockey who doesn't want air superiority when he pushes the throttle. Put me back in a F-15 any day. Pee-Uuu.

  5. 26-00758658
    26-00758658 Nov 10, 2016

    radio man to f-22 raptors, were hot, run'um and gun'um

  6. 26-00758658
    26-00758658 Nov 10, 2016

    this one is for my great grandfather papa John Simon, god rest his sedol.

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