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Ch-53e Loses Control Over External Ch-47

In Afghanistan. The pilot was aiming for that building but missed.

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  1. 18628436
    18628436 Jul 19, 2012

    Who rigged that 47. Poor planning or rush job?

  2. biznud
    biznud Jul 19, 2012


  3. airwingr
    airwingr Jul 19, 2012

    Right off the bat it looks like the ARMY ground crew used the wrong gear to tie up the 47. Amateurs!

    1IDCAVSCOUT Jul 25, 2012

    Except, those were MARINES rigging it! Amateurs! If you pause the video as they climbed off the Chinook, they were wearing Marine uniforms and vests. When you talk sh!t, how about you get your facts straight first! Besides, whose to say it wasn't dropped purposely because it was swinging uncontrollably due to gusts of wind, which happens in Iraq and Afghanistan, frequently. It's not easy sling-loading something like that without it swinging.

  5. fairlane_68
    fairlane_68 Jul 25, 2012

    Hey Mr. Cavscout, how about you work in an aircraft-related MOS before you shoot off your mouth? Those were Army clowns wearing coveralls,the Marines don't even have CH-47s in their fleet. The pilot lost control because he took off wrecklessly and with too much speed. Pilot error. But he's an officer, so I doubt he was even charged.

  6. 10255966
    10255966 Jul 29, 2012

    Relax guys, it's in Afghanistan

  7. 6412240
    6412240 Jan 26, 2013

    Imagine having a helicopter dropped in your front yard

  8. psossong
    psossong Oct 09, 2013

    Call me an asshole but this video pissed me off! The crew chief, who just happens to be the one filming the entire event (I'm guessing), is paying more attention to his camera than what's going on with the load (CH-47). I have 20 years of CH-53E Crew Chief experience (2500+ hours), and I would bet some of those hours are on that same helicopter (Buno). I would "break it off" in that nugget IF he was the one filming AND talking to the pilots on the status of the load at the same time. Yes, the load spun out to the right but that's when he should have told the pilot to "Pull Power" OR "Drop the collective" which stabilizes the load when it starts spinning or whatever. The "Echo" has an automatic release feature that if the loads between the forward dual point hook and the aft dual point hook are 525 +/- 225 lbs difference, they will automatically release. What I saw in this video did not constitute a "pickle" of the load (but I wasn't there . . .). I just know my own personal pride would have prevented me from intentionally dropping that load. More "egg" on the face with USMC external ops! BTW, the Army wrote that manual so you can blame it on them with their own helo!

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