China Unveils New Helicopter Gunship

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Less than a month following reports that Pakistan allowed China to view the remains of the top-secret stealth helicopter that SEAL Team 6 left behind at the bin Laden compound, China has begun combat testing of its first home-made helicopter gunship. ITN News on the growing military power’s publicity stunt to unveil the aircraft.

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  1. Malakie
    Malakie Feb 29, 2012

    No one can tell me that China is not somehow getting classified military information on western designs. Look at the cockpit and weapons details.. this is obviously stolen western tech

  2. sgtjmackinjersey
    sgtjmackinjersey Feb 29, 2012

    They faked the opening and closing ceremonies durring the Olympics, plus used some Top Gun footage to claim they had great pilots flying their new improved jet fighter. What makes you think this too isn't fake.

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