Print & Post: Week of April 15, 2013

Memorial to Receive Sculpture

The Battleship Missouri Memorial has been designated as the permanent home of the Admiral Nimitz Sculpture, which pays tribute to the legendary World War II admiral, Chester William Nimitz. The statue is scheduled to be unveiled in conjunction with the Battleship Missouri Memorial's annual End of World War II ceremony on Sept. 2. The Battleship Missouri Memorial is open daily from 8 a.m. To 4 p.m. Or from 8 a.m. To 5 p.m. During June, July and August. General admission, which includes choice of a guided tour, is $22 per adult and $11 per child, ages 4-12. Military, kamaaina (local resident) and school group pricing is available. For more information or for reservations, call toll-free (877) 644-4896 or visit the USS Missouri Memorial Association website at (

Update on TRICARE Prime Rollback

Despite upcoming service area reductions, TRICARE Prime will remain a health care option for 97 percent of beneficiaries. The 3 percent difference, which comprises about 171,000 beneficiaries who mostly reside more than 40 miles from a military clinic or hospital, automatically will revert to the TRICARE Standard health care option Oct. 1. Those beneficiaries recently received a letter explaining their options, and they will receive a reminder letter in June or July. The TRICARE Prime Service Areas webpage at ( and gives beneficiaries the most current details and the option to sign up for email updates. A ZIP code tool is available on the site to help beneficiaries determine if they live in an affected Prime service area. Those who wish to remain with TRICARE Prime may be able to re-enroll in TRICARE Prime by waiving theirr drive time standards. You will have to drive farther to get care and may find it more difficult to see your primary care manager (PCM). Seeing other doctors without a referral from your PCM could result in higher costs. ( Visit the TRICARE website to learn more.

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New Enrollment Fees for TRICARE Proposed

The White House's proposed budget includes an increase enrollment fees for retirees who select TRICARE Prime and new enrollment fees for TRICARE Standard/Extra and TRICARE for Life. The new enrollment fees would be indexed based on the retiree's military retirement pay. The TRICARE Prime enrollment fee for some retirees could reach maximum of $1226 by 2018 and would increase at a rate equal to the annual cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) for military retired pay from that point forward. Check out the Military Advantage Blog to learn more.

( Check out the Military Advantage Blog to learn more.

Watch for Tax Refund Scammers

You are not the only one waiting for your tax refund. Scammers are looking for it too. In fact, every year there are more and more scams designed to steal tax refunds. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) says these kinds of thefts have increased substantially in the last few years. Between 2010 and 2012, the number of investigations opened by the IRS grew from 224 to 898, according to the latest figures. Find out more about tax refund scams, how to protect yourself from identity theft and what to do if you are a victim at (

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DoD Releases Budget Proposal

President Barack Obama recently sent to Congress a proposed defense budget of $526.6 billion in discretionary budget authority to fund defense programs in the base budget for fiscal year (FY) 2014. The budget proposal seeks further consolidation of defense infrastructure, institutes a study of possible efficiencies in military treatment facilities, and terminates and restructures lower-priority and poorly performing weapons programs. The budget also slows the growth of military pay and benefits. Highlights of the proposed Department of Defense (DoD) budget are outlined ( online. For more information, visit the U.S. Department of Defense Fiscal Year 2014 Budget Request website at ( and download the "FY 2014 Budget Request Overview Book." Budget-related transcripts are available at the U.S. Department of Defense website at (

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The Legion Supports GI Bill Fairness Act

Testifying before Congress on April 10, The American Legion stressed its support of pending House legislation that would make student veterans eligible for in-state tuition at public colleges and universities, regardless of their residency status. The Legion supports passage of the ( GI Bill Tuition Fairness Act of 2013 (H.R. 357), which would eliminate financial burdens that are now endured by about 40,000 nonresident student veterans. Since the Post-9/11 GI Bill only covers in-state tuition rates, veterans being charged out-of-state rates must make up the difference themselves. For more information, visit the ( American Legion website.

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VA Loan Limits for High-Cost Counties

The VA loan guaranty program does not impose a maximum amount that an eligible veteran may borrow using a VA loan but limits the maximum guaranty amount to $417,000 for 2013. However, if you live in a high-cost county the maximum changes. ( Get a full chart to determine the VA's maximum guaranty in your county.
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Get Your List of 2013 Military Benefits

The Benefit Calculator is designed to quickly and easily connect you with your benefit information based on your military service and status. Get a list of Federal Benefits, State Benefits, National Guard State Benefits, Special Military Discounts and more. ( Find Your Benefits Now.

Arizona Passes Veteran License Law

Arizona was the third state last week to pass legislation that eases veterans' entry into the licensed and professional fields. H.B. 2076 -- which passed unanimously in the state's senate and is expected to be signed into law by Gov. Janice Brewer -- will make it easier for veterans with combat medical training to gain Licensed Professional Nursing certification. Essentially, H.B. 2076 will allow medical training obtained in the military to count as the civilian equivalent for training required to become a Licensed Professional Nurse. The bill also will streamline the process of obtaining a temporary nursing license for veterans. Members of the American Legion wanting to know the status of similar legislation in their states, or who want to assist in these efforts or provide updates of what efforts are occurring in their states should email Steve Gonzalez of the Legion's Economic Division at (

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National Vet Employment Summit Results, the worldwide leader in successfully connecting people to job opportunities, and, the nation's largest military and veteran membership organization, today released a ( report summarizing the top-line recommendations and discussions following the first National Veteran Employment Summit held in December 2012. The Summit brought together senior human resource professionals, military and government officials, academic leaders and military veterans to address the best practices for preparing, supporting, and connecting veterans to the organizations that want to hire them. The report highlights that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for every organization looking to implement a veteran hiring program. The report is available ( online.

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VA Loan FAQ Videos

Questions regarding your VA Loan benefit? Are you eligible for a VA Loan? Do you know what fees you'll be charged? Find these answers and more with ( iFreedom's Video Library.

Navy's Proposed 2014 Budget

The Department of the Navy released April 10 its proposed $155.8 billion budget for fiscal year 2014. This budget is part of the $525 billion defense budget President Barack Obama submitted to Congress on the same day. To view the proposed FY14 DoN budget documents, visit the Fiscal Year 2014 Department of the Navy ( Budget Materials website. To view the U.S. Navy Program Guide for 2013, visit the ( Navy website. Highlights of the proposed DoD budget are outlined ( online. For more information and to view the entire fiscal 2014 budget proposal, visit the U.S. Department of Defense ( Fiscal Year 2014 Budget Request website and download the "FY 2014 Budget Request Overview Book." To view budget-related transcripts, visit the ( U.S. Department of Defense website.

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Parker Hannifin Hiring Veterans

You were serious about your career in the military and now we are serious about engineering your success as the nation's most valued talent. For nearly a century, Parker Hannifin is the world's leading diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems, providing precision-engineered solutions for a wide variety of mobile, industrial and aerospace markets. Parker partners with suppliers who share the beliefs of premier customer service, maintaining the highest quality standards, on-time delivery and a culture of continuous improvement. ( Browse featured jobs.

VA and Military Sexual Trauma

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, which provides VA an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to supporting veterans who have experienced Military Sexual Trauma (MST). MST can affect Veterans' physical and mental health for many years afterward. To assist in recovery, treatment for MST-related physical and mental health conditions is available at every VHA facility and provided to veterans free of charge, regardless of service-connection status. Veterans may be able to receive this free MST-related care, even if they are not eligible for other VA care. Every VHA facility has an MST Coordinator who serves as a point person for veterans and staff. For more information, contact your facility's MST Coordinator, or visit the VA's MST Resource webpage at (

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VA's Proposed 2014 Budget

The President has proposed a $152.7 billion budget, a 10.2 percent increase over Fiscal Year 2013, that will support the Department of Veterans' Affairs' (VA's) goals to expand access to health care and other benefits, eliminate the disability claims backlog, and end homelessness among Veterans. The budget includes $66.5 billion in discretionary spending, largely for healthcare, and $86.1 billion for mandatory programs -- mostly disability compensation and pensions for Veterans. Highlights from the President's 2014 budget request for VA are available on the ( VA website.

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American Legion VA Claims Survey

In order to get a better picture of the types of claims and lengths of wait for veterans filing benefits claims with the Department of Veterans Affairs, the American Legion has launched a survey at ( The Legion wants to hear from veterans about how long their claim has been pending, how many conditions were included with the claim, what type of claim it is and why the claim is pending. The survey will remain on for 30 days. After the survey is completed, the results will be given to VA and also posted on the American Legion website at

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