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Aerospace Defense Jobs Archive

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  • 2011 image related to NASA’s goals of making future aircraft burn 50% less fuel than aircraft that entered service in 1998, emit 75% fewer harmful emissions; and shrink geographic areas affected by objectionable airport noise by 83%. (Image: NASA)
    Overview: Aerospace Jobs
    There is great variety in the types of jobs available in the aerospace field. A great way to learn more is to read about specif...
  • Aerospace propulsion
    Aerospace and Defense Industry Profile
    Get the lowdown on the history and current state of the defense and aerospace industry.
  • Washington, DC
    Top 10 Cities for Defense Jobs
    The recession has claimed several businesses large and small, leaving many transitioning servicemembers and veterans to wonder ...
  • An overall view of the space station flight control room in the Mission Control Center at NASA's Johnson Space Center. (Photo: NASA)
    Space: The Final Frontier for Federal Service|
    Albert Gonzales has an office job, but it isn't much like the ones you're probably familiar with: Instead of a cubicle, Gonzale...
  • Lockheed Martin’s F-35, assembled at the corporation’s Aeronautics facility in Fort Worth, Texas. (Photo: International Trade Administration)
    Lockheed Martin Doubles Job Cuts
    Associated Press
    Defense contractor Lockheed Martin plans to cut 1,500 additional jobs, saying that it needs to reduce costs at a time when the ...