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Be the Star of Your Own Network

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How would you like to establish yourself as the hub of an expanding network? Organizing and hosting your own networking events is a smart way to accomplish this. Why should you host an event? First, you will take charge of meeting new people and expanding your network. Second, you establish yourself as a connector, creating a reason for people to want to know you. Third, you will strengthen your own relationships, because you will genuinely b... more

Top 10 Signs You are a Bad Employee

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The military has a heavily regulated structure in place to enforce discipline and foster excellence, but the civilian world doesn't always offer an equivalent system. Some companies are very strict about correcting troublesome behavior, while others are more fluid or laid back. Regardless, understanding some of the top 10 signs that you're a bad employee, as described by Forbes, will help you thrive in a civilian team. 1. You're never on... more

How Well Are You Really Performing at Your New Job?


When you start a new job, human nature is to focus on the surface of things: the photocopied vision statement included in your orientation package, how your peers dress and the date HR designates for your first performance appraisal. But if you're going to use this job to further your career goals -- or even if you just want to last long enough to begin vesting your profit-sharing -- you can't afford to wait until your number's up to find out... more

MOAA's Tips for Starting Right on the New Job

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Military Officers Association of America

You got the job. Congratulations. Now what's your plan for the first 90 days at the new company? Making a positive first impression is especially important in this situation. Here are a few things to consider when starting a new job outside the military… Observe and Listen There may be a few similarities when comparing your new company with the military (one bureaucracy is much like another), but there will be some big differences ... more

I'm Here and I Hate It

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Stephen Cleare

Theresa was a fine Air Force officer.  She'd spent 9 years in the service working in the comptroller's office.  She had a firm grasp on Air Force procurement spending and was well-known for being a whiz at finding money.  She'd left the Air Force for greener pastures and found the market to be soft.  She and her husband had enough savings to allow her to spend more time with the kids and postpone searching for a job for nearly a year.  O... more

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