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Choose the Right Mentoring Program

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Having a mentor is one of the most effective ways for veterans and service members to build influential networks of contacts, achieve meaningful goals, and advance their careers. Each mentee will enter a mentoring relationship with a unique set of needs — whether it involves guidance on pursuing an MBA degree or strategies for breaking into a new industry after a decade of military service. For the best chance of addressing these needs... more

Facilitating a Successful Mentoring Relationship

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Young professionals and service members often put a lot of thought into whom they want to have as a mentor. While establishing a good match is essential for ongoing mentoring success, it's just as important for mentees and mentors to take steps to sustain successful relationships long after the mentoring has started. For mentors to provide the best possible support — whether it's advice on pursuing an MBA degree program or choosing betwe... more

5 Strong Signs it's Time to Quit Your Job

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Finding a job is usually one of the hardest tasks a veteran will face when coming back to the civilian world. However, one aspect of thriving outside of the military that isn't often discussed is when to leave a bad job. Yes, the job market isn't as strong as it could be, but that doesn't mean professionals should waste their time in positions that aren't fulfilling their needs. If you're currently unhappy with where you work and aren't s... more

Communication in the Civilian Workplace

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Most members of the military will never forget the "reprimands" given to them by their instructors during basic training.  It doesn't matter whether you called them Drill Instructors or Drill Sergeants, these guides gave you your first taste of communication military style and looking back on it can be quite hilarious if it were not so frightening at the time.  It can be quick, to the point, and very often harsh.  Yet, even within the mil... more

Assessing the Civilian Professional Culture

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When it comes to indoctrination into a new professional culture, the military has this down to an art.  For every member that wishes to put on the uniform must endure basic training just like those that went before them.  While basic training might touch upon very basic combat principles, one can easily look back and realize it was actually all about culture.  By the time you arrived at your active destination, you knew the history, you ... more

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