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Top 10 Reasons Not to Quit Your Job

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You're frustrated, bitter, and fantasizing about getting out. When you hate your job, the negative feelings can consume you. But, while it's important to leave if you must, it's more important to make an informed and thought-out decision. Business News Daily listed 10 reasons you shouldn't quit your job – take stock of each one and make sure leaving is right for you. 1. You don't have a plan. No matter how badly you want to leave your j... more

The Secret to a Successful Internship: Perform

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Many veterans are starting their internships this week and experiencing corporate culture for the very first time. The learning curve will be steep as veterans try and acclimatize themselves to working within a business setting. It's no secret that all interns are looking to parlay their internships into full-time offers. With that mission in mind, many focus their time networking with as many people at the firm as possible in order to s... more

Top 8 Reasons a Veteran May Quit

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The number of Americans quitting their jobs each month has risen from 1.7 million to 2.475 million according to Forbes. While this is still below pre-crisis numbers, it's exceptionally high considering the state of the economy. This may be a sign that employees are more confident in their abilities than they were in 2009, and they're becoming increasingly savvy about finding new jobs. Whatever the reason, these numbers show that managers... more

Be the Star of Your Own Network

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How would you like to establish yourself as the hub of an expanding network? Organizing and hosting your own networking events is a smart way to accomplish this. Why should you host an event? First, you will take charge of meeting new people and expanding your network. Second, you establish yourself as a connector, creating a reason for people to want to know you. Third, you will strengthen your own relationships, because you will genuinely b... more

Top 10 Signs You are a Bad Employee

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The military has a heavily regulated structure in place to enforce discipline and foster excellence, but the civilian world doesn't always offer an equivalent system. Some companies are very strict about correcting troublesome behavior, while others are more fluid or laid back. Regardless, understanding some of the top 10 signs that you're a bad employee, as described by Forbes, will help you thrive in a civilian team. 1. You're never on... more

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