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Promotion in the Civilian Workforce

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The military can be an odd place when it comes to promotion.  For often, it is a myriad of formulas weighing time in grade, cutting scores, and reviews to reach a special number that says you earned that extra stripe.  As a result, if one knows how to work hard and get the magic number where it should be, they are almost guaranteed to eventually receive that promotion. However, most positions in private organizations outside of the mili... more

Five Popular Reasons Why Employees Quit Their Jobs

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Jobs might be frustratingly scarce for the time being, but that doesn't mean employees have limitless reserves of time, patience, or energy. Strong policies help any company run efficiently, but if employers are too stringent they risk alienating their employees. CNN Wire took a look at recent studies and discovered five popular reasons why employees quit their jobs. Companies should take care to avoid these errors, and employees should ... more

Six Personality Traits of a Leader

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There are dozens of personal traits that can affect leadership and some, namely integrity and character, that are absolute. But in many years of experience, I have observed that the way leaders develop and deploy the eight know-hows is influenced by a handful of them: ambition, drive and tenacity, self-confidence, psychological openness, realism and an insatiable appetite for learning. These personal traits come out in many different ways.... more

Top 8 Tips for Establishing a Good Work-Life Balance

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If you've served in the military, you're probably more disciplined than many civilians. The work-ethic you've experienced is above and beyond what many in the civilian working world have. While it's a strong attribute to have after your transition, it's important that you don't let yourself get carried away. A key element of achieving your professional goals is balancing them with your personal life. It can be easy to forget, but if you d... more

Top 5 Worries Employees Have About Work

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Your professional life may not always be exciting, but it should never cause you too much anxiety. Certain civilian occupations are very dangerous and naturally entail a high degree of stress, but that shouldn't be the case if you're in a standard nine to five desk job. If you're dreading going into work, you're not alone. Some fears are more common than others and usually reflect the state of the economy. Cleveland.com has collected some... more

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