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Game of Thrones' 4 Lessons for the Civilian Workforce

George RR Martin

The Game of Thrones books and television series certainly provides entertainment, but there is a lot to be learned from the story about jobs in the civilian world. Let's call this the "Game of Jobs," and look at some of these lessons learned. NOTE: This may contain spoilers in regards to the Game of Thrones show (and your future civilian career). Power Can be Fickle In the Game of Jobs, people come and go faster than you may be used to ... more

Employers: Do more than say "Thank You for Your Service"

Business meeting.

When service members transition out of the military, they are not looking for a handout or charity. They are looking for careers that are meaningful and fulfilling. While veterans certainly appreciate hearing, "Thank you for your service," they need more. I have coached thousands of veterans and active duty military members about to make the transition. The common goal I hear is that they want work that leverages their skills and talen... more

Employers: Ask Veterans about their Brand

Job interview.

Every month, thousands of military service members take off the uniform and join the civilian workforce. Employers are meeting these job candidates, who possess qualities of commitment, resiliency, passion and loyalty. But many employers find themselves stumped to understand how the veteran candidate can fit into their company culture, and what they can offer beyond their military experience and skills. In addition to learning about the ... more

Be Careful of Self-Talk Sabotage

Job fair discussion.

Before an important meeting, or a critical presentation, what do you tell yourself? Do you give yourself a pep talk of reassurance and affirmation? Or, do you anticipate the worst and prepare yourself for failure? "Self-talk" is what you tell yourself about your value, relevancy, abilities, etc. Self-talk is either positive ("I am great!") or negative ("I always fail…"). As you talk to yourself, you behave in ways consistent with your s... more

Promotion in the Civilian Workforce

Business meeting with clipboard

The military can be an odd place when it comes to promotion.  For often, it is a myriad of formulas weighing time in grade, cutting scores, and reviews to reach a special number that says you earned that extra stripe.  As a result, if one knows how to work hard and get the magic number where it should be, they are almost guaranteed to eventually receive that promotion. However, most positions in private organizations outside of the mili... more

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