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Top 8 Tips for Establishing a Good Work-Life Balance

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If you've served in the military, you're probably more disciplined than many civilians. The work-ethic you've experienced is above and beyond what many in the civilian working world have. While it's a strong attribute to have after your transition, it's important that you don't let yourself get carried away. A key element of achieving your professional goals is balancing them with your personal life. It can be easy to forget, but if you d... more

Top 5 Worries Employees Have About Work

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Your professional life may not always be exciting, but it should never cause you too much anxiety. Certain civilian occupations are very dangerous and naturally entail a high degree of stress, but that shouldn't be the case if you're in a standard nine to five desk job. If you're dreading going into work, you're not alone. Some fears are more common than others and usually reflect the state of the economy. Cleveland.com has collected some... more

Why Your Team Needs You to Be More Authentic

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If you bring all of who you are to the leadership table, some people will hate your style. In fact, it's likely that a few "important" people will not "like" you. Authenticity is intimidating, and scares those with the most to hide. Far easier to lead like everyone else and be groomed to fit a mold. Similarly, letting people see who you are and hear what you really mean makes you vulnerable. Rejection of your idea stings. Rejection of s... more

How to Lead With Authenticity

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How would you answer the question:  Do most leaders lead with true authenticity? Sadly, if you're like my MBA students, the majority of you will likely vote no. You'd share stories of strategic ambiguity, or leaders letting greed and stock price trump once solid values. One student shared, "I honestly think most leaders start out being authentic, but after a while with all the pressures it's just too hard to maintain." When everyone's pl... more

7 Reasons Your Team's Afraid to Tell You the Truth

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In the military, not knowing the whole truth can be deadly. But the truth is, the whole truth can be scary. It's far easier to share the watered down version of the bad news, or the "truth" with one or two minor omissions. Your troops decide what you can handle. If you've got a short trigger, or a propensity to rush in and help, they'll go a bit slower to put all their cards on the table. Like parents protecting young children, they'll ... more

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