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Military Skills Translator

Skills Translator: Information Systems Operator

Servicemember using computer.

If you're an Army Information Systems Operator (74D) looking for a job, check out your skills and the civilian jobs they're suited for, based on the MOS Skills Translator.

Army, 74D, Information Systems Operator

One of the biggest barriers to searching for jobs is understanding how the skills you learned in the military translate to the civilian workforce. features a powerful tool that breaks down the unique abilities inherent to any military occupational specialty (MOS) and tells you what keywords and terms to use in your resume, as well as suggested job openings.

Your Skills Breakdown:

  • Classified Information and Materials Security
  • Customer Support/Service
  • Data Entry
  • Electronic Data Security
  • Electronic Device/System Installation/Repair
  • Integrated Electronic Systems
  • Keyboard Typing
  • Network Administration
  • Process Analysis and Imnprovement
  • Proofreading/Editing
  • Software Administration
  • Systems Integration/Information Architecture
  • Technical Writing

Civilian Job Suggestions:

Quality Assurance – Quality assurance positions require attention to detail, technical aptitude, and an excellent ability to communicate. Each one varies in the type of work required, but a solid foundation in technology will help.

Network Analyst – These days just about every business requires a strong and stable connection to the internet in order to operate efficiently. Network analysts analyze a business's connectivity, formulates a plan on refining and strengthening it, then puts the plan in action. Strong affinity with technology is a must for this career.

Software Developer – Software developers directly affect the development cycle of any software project. Whether through coding, managing, or planning, they work to ensure that new programs get out the door on time and in the best possible condition.

To narrow your search, check out some of the following companies that offer jobs in related industries:




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