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3 Ways Your Leadership Skills Translate Into a Job

Today's employers have a problem you can help them solve: they need strong leaders to take them into a new, post-recession era of business. When you consider that over half of company leaders surveyed say they face a shortage of executive talent, it's clear that opportunities are out there if you can effectively translate your leadership skills into the attributes employers need.

What Employers Want From Leaders

  • Creativity – Cited by 60% of CEOs, creativity tops the list. Demonstrate yours by describing how you solved problems and accomplished goals through a different approach, unusual collaboration or by shaking things up a bit.
  • Risk-taking – Military veterans are experienced risk takers. Let potential employers know you're not one who sticks to outdated, tried-and-true approaches that no longer apply to a new business era.
  • Adaptability – Businesses need leaders who can quickly adapt their style to fit the need. Think about the roles you've played, such as coach, visionary and commander. Describe how you've adopted or combined attributes from various leadership styles to help others improve their performance; motivate a team to accomplish a common goal; or make the tough decisions when the situation required it.

Who better to lead corporate America than former military personnel, our proven, experienced leaders? Help today's employers get the leadership they need now by translating your military leadership skills for the corporate world.

getting fit to lead infographic

For the complete, full-size version of this infographic, click here.

This guest post was provided by Ren Lacerda. Ren works with University Alliance on behalf of Michigan State University Online Certificate Programs. For more information about this infographic, please visit Michigan State University's Leadership Courses Online website.

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