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Perhaps because the Internet has made applying to posted positions so painless, you've been neglecting another essential employment strategy: Finding organizations whose mission and culture you like and then pursuing them relentlessly. So this week, in addition to perusing the millions of jobs posted on the Career Center, use the company research tools and Career Center resources to get ideas for pursuing companies that might not have posted just the job you're looking for.

Here's how a marketing letter to Ideal Company X might go:

First Paragraph: I've read/heard about you for some time and am interested in the product/service you provide.

Second Paragraph: Here is what I can do for you┬┐(perfectly customized to the company and listed in three or four bullet points).

Third Paragraph: I'll call your office next week to set up a conversation about regular or contract employment, now or in the future.

I can hear you now: Contract work? In the future? What are you, nuts?

Remember the goal here: To get on the radar screen of organizations that might not be hiring right now, but that may be hiring again when the economy warms up. A related goal is putting yourself in line for work that might come up quickly when there's not time for an in-depth search. This is your chance to add another dimension to your search that boosts your exposure even more.

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