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fit for anyone with a military background

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Schneider truck on a road Thank you for serving our country.
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Let the experience you’ve gained and the benefits you’ve earned in the military open the door to a new career as a truck driver at Schneider. Your disciplined approach and work ethic makes you a great candidate for Schneider, and someone we’d be proud to call one of our own.

Apprenticeship Program

Schneider has an exclusive Apprenticeship Program with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). During your first year working for Schneider, you’re eligible to earn a monthly educational benefit check from the VA in addition to your Schneider paycheck – up to $1,236 each month depending on your years of service! Additionally, Schneider offers up to $6,000 in tuition reimbursement to driving school graduates to help you get your new career started.

Ride of Pride

Schneider’s Rolling Tribute to Honor Veterans

Schneider truck We are proud to have six Freightliner tractors dedicated to honoring military veterans in the Schneider fleet. Each tractor features decals representing members of the military, their families and their sacrifices — serving as a sign of gratitude and a salute to their service.

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Veteran Success Stories

Richard Barczewski Richard Barczewski
Richard Barczewski, member of the U.S. military and regional truck driver: “Schneider guarantees me home time for weekend drills and annual training. This flexibility shows their support for the military and is only one of the many aspects that sets Schneider apart from competitor companies.”

Chuck Ceccacci Chuck Ceccacci
Chuck Ceccacci, who started with Schneider in 1997, found trucking by accident. “I had just left active duty in the Marine Corp and was looking at my options. I found an opportunity at Schneider and only planned to drive for one year, but I fell in love with trucking.” Since then, Chuck has been everything from an owner-operator to intermodal driver to training engineer.

About Us

One of the largest truckload carriers in North America, Schneider has been the top choice of safety-minded drivers for nearly 80 years. With over 75 percent of its drivers getting home weekly or better, Schneider provides professional opportunities that meet the work-life balance needs of today’s drivers and owner-operators.

Schneider is a $3.6 billion company and ranked a top-paying carrier by the National Transportation Institute while being nationally recognized for its support of current and former military personnel.

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