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525th FIghter Interceptor Squadron

8 Unit members

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Page maintained by Roger Overshiner

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ref: 1st Lt Henry G. Palma, Jr

I met Lt Palma casually while working in flt ops. I also remember the accident and memorial service ... Read more

Posted by Joe Motta


Lt Col (Ret.) Scott 'Moon' McGonagle, NYANG

I am posting for my cousin, 1Lt Henry G. Palma, Jr., who was killed while on final to Landstuhl in a... Read more

Posted by Scott Mcgonagle


525th FIS Reunion

Hi Robert, We are having a Reunion 26-28 Apr 2013 in Las Vegas. For more information contact me ... Read more

Posted by Roger Overshiner


525th FIS Reunion

Hi Robert I'm Roger Overshiner and I'm the Keeper of the 525th FIS Reunion Master List. We have f... Read more

Posted by Roger Overshiner


525th FIS

Hi Robert My name is Roger Overshiner , my e-mail address is nehoosier@earthlink.net, my phone numb... Read more

Posted by Roger Overshiner

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8 Unit Members

Latest Members

Name Rank Affiliation
Munson, Kenneth E-6 1958 - 1962
Motta, Joe 1953 - 1957
Webb, David 1958 - 1962
jordan, george 1955 - 1958
Clark, Daniel 1958 - 1961

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