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  • ArmyDrillTeam
    What is the Best Transition Advice You Received?
    Lida Citroën
    I asked my online contacts on several social media platforms to share the best advice they received when separating or retiring...
  • MilitarySalute2
    Plan Your Military Transition
    The transition out of the military can be a trying time, but if you've done your research it need not be so.
  • ResearchingJobs
    Researching Jobs
    When you enter the job market, it's important to know what jobs are a good fit for you. It's not just about pay or responsibili...
  • StartingNewJob
    Starting a New Job
    Starting a new job is never easy, but especially so when it's your first job out of the military.
  • AnsweringIlligalQuestions
    How to Answer Illegal Interview Questions
    You're in a job interview and doing well until the interviewer asks you an illegal interview question, such as "What's your rel...