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  • Travel to Turkey Suspended
    Effective Sept. 2, Department of Defense funded travel to Adana, Turkey (including Incirlik Air Base), for dependents has been ...
  • DoD Integrated Lodging Pilot Program
    The Department of Defense recently launched an Integrated Lodging Program Pilot that will provide quality government and commer...
  • A soldier and his wife during a move.
    PCS Overview
    The government will reimburse many costs associated with a PCS move. Here is an overview of what you can expect.
  • Travel Cards Go Chip and PIN
    In order to better support the global nature of their customers, Department of Defense (DoD) Government Travel Charge Cards are...
  • Travel Reimbursement Policy Change
    Due to recent changes to the Department of Defense's Joint Travel Regulations, miscellaneous and incidental travel expenses wil...