Spouse Jobs

Real Spouse Jobs: Nonprofit Executive Director

Amanda Crowe, executive director of In Gear Career, and her family.

I have a bachelor's in psychology and a master's degree in administrative studies. I use the master's degree in a more traditional way, but don't we all use a bit of psychology every day? How has being married to a service member impacted your own career? How did you get around that? I married my husband a bit later than some (I was 30), so... more

5 Fantastic Spouse Jobs in Military Towns

Hotel management jobs

Arin began subbing for a local school just off the base a year ago, and she was just recently asked to come on full time. "We are a state with VPK -- free pre-k for anyone -- and I work with the 4-year-olds," she tells us. "It's just what I need to be able to get a job at the CDC later. It's a great first job." Moreover, she knows that n... more

The 5 Connections We're Thankful for This Year


One of the most remarkable things about building a career or launching a successful job search is how many people are willing to work on your behalf. From giving references to helping find job leads, people come out of the woodwork with connections, advice and expertise. And while all of that is wonderful, what is even more remarkable is h... more

How to Network at Military Holiday Parties

15th Marine Expeditionary Unit Command Element Marines enjoy a meal at the holiday party in 2011. Cpl. John Robbart III/Marine Corps

"We have our battalion holiday parties coming up, and I want to use them as a time to network," says Marine Corps wife Christina. "I need a new job," she adds. "This is one of my only opportunities to meet and mingle with other spouses who work, and I want to make some connections. Where do I start?" While the rest of us are bemoaning th... more

Seasonal Employment Creates Opportunity for Job Seekers

Photo by Shawn Fenn/FEMA

Job seekers, take heart: The holidays are nearly upon us. That means seasonal hiring is swinging into full effect. Seasonal employment can be more than an extra paycheck during the holidays. It is also a great way to get your foot in the door with an employer. Marked increases in seasonal employment The great news this holiday season is... more

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