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Real Spouse Jobs: Nonprofit Executive Director

Amanda Crowe, executive director of In Gear Career, and her family.

I have a bachelor's in psychology and a master's degree in administrative studies. I use the master's degree in a more traditional way, but don't we all use a bit of psychology every day? How has being married to a service member impacted your own career? How did you get around that? I married my husband a bit later than some (I was 30), so... more

5 Fantastic Spouse Jobs in Military Towns

Hotel management jobs

Arin began subbing for a local school just off the base a year ago, and she was just recently asked to come on full time. "We are a state with VPK -- free pre-k for anyone -- and I work with the 4-year-olds," she tells us. "It's just what I need to be able to get a job at the CDC later. It's a great first job." Moreover, she knows that n... more

Diploma, Wedding, Baby … Now What? 4 Steps to a Fabulous Future

Mother and child

Andrea met her now-husband when she was only 16. It's a familiar path for military couples. "He always talked about joining the Marine Corps," Andrea says. "He was obsessed with it." Three years later, he signed on the dotted line and put on his first pair of cammies. Andrea graduated high school the next year and within months, the two were m... more

The Year of the Military Mompreneur

Photo by Cpl. Charlie Clark/Marine Corps

That was then. Now, Joelle takes the neologism as a point of pride. "I'm still trying to get my consulting company off the ground, but now I wear the label 'mompreneur' as a badge of honor. Yeah, I'm starting my own company. I'm volunteering on the PTO, too. I want everyone to know my family is still the most important thing in my life, but... more

4 Cool Ways For Spouses To Drive Transition

road 600x400

If you are a military spouse, you hear a lot about transition. Transitions going well. Transitions going not so well. Transitions that were planned. Transitions that were a complete surprise.  No matter how different the details of the transition itself, we know transition is not just a veterans' issue -- it is a military family issue.  One of... more

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