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Military Spouse Jobs on Base

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There are plenty of jobs available to military spouses on base. And while every service branch and every installation is different, but most bases will offer the following opportunities: Exchange and Commissary Jobs Your local exchange or commissary both have great employment opportunities. Visit Military.com's Commissary and Exchange sectio... more

Real Spouse Jobs: Nonprofit Executive Director

Amanda Crowe, executive director of In Gear Career, and her family.

I have a bachelor's in psychology and a master's degree in administrative studies. I use the master's degree in a more traditional way, but don't we all use a bit of psychology every day? How has being married to a service member impacted your own career? How did you get around that? I married my husband a bit later than some (I was 30), so... more

5 Fantastic Spouse Jobs in Military Towns

Hotel management jobs

Arin began subbing for a local school just off the base a year ago, and she was just recently asked to come on full time. "We are a state with VPK -- free pre-k for anyone -- and I work with the 4-year-olds," she tells us. "It's just what I need to be able to get a job at the CDC later. It's a great first job." Moreover, she knows that n... more

Should You Hire a Military Spouse?


As a business, you’ve likely realized there is a demonstrable business case for hiring military veterans who bring desirable character qualities, values and skills to the civilian workforce. Have you considered hiring a military spouse? Military spouses are an often-overlooked workforce that offers proficiencies, talents, and insights compa... more

MSCC Connects Spouses with Local Businesses

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SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- As a military spouse, moving every few years can make it difficult to begin or maintain a career. The Military Spouse Career Committee is helping military spouses throughout the region acquire the tools necessary to find a career they can take with them. "It's tough for these [spouses], it's really, really tou... more

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