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Real Spouse Jobs: Nonprofit Executive Director

Amanda Crowe, executive director of In Gear Career, and her family.


I have a bachelor's in psychology and a master's degree in administrative studies. I use the master's degree in a more traditional way, but don't we all use a bit of psychology every day? How has being married to a service member impacted your own career? How did you get around that? I married my husband a bit later than some (I was 30), so... more

5 Fantastic Spouse Jobs in Military Towns

Hotel management jobs


Arin began subbing for a local school just off the base a year ago, and she was just recently asked to come on full time. "We are a state with VPK -- free pre-k for anyone -- and I work with the 4-year-olds," she tells us. "It's just what I need to be able to get a job at the CDC later. It's a great first job." Moreover, she knows that n... more

Do SAHMs Need a Mom Job, Too?

Children draw at a desk.


"You go through that stay-at-home mom experience thinking it will always be like this. The crayons and naps and Buzz Lightyear. The early years. Then they're in school, and you're rushing around from drop-off to volunteer as room mom for one and reading coach for the other and to pick-up and drop-off for sports. You barely catch your breat... more

10 Awesome Jobs With an Associate’s Degree

A recent graduate holds a degree and smiles.


A little education in the right field goes a surprisingly long way for a military spouse. We discovered these ten great jobs that you can get with an Associate’s Degree through your MyCAA benefit. All of these are jobs that you can find anywhere, so no need to worry about being limited to the geography of your base. Moreover, they’re all in dem... more

Real Spouse Employment: Surgical Nurse

Melanie Ness White


Landing a good position is a challenge for anyone in any walk of life. Add to that the challenges of military transfers, leave periods, deployments and not having family members nearby to help out during emergencies makes having a successful career especially difficult for military members and their dependents.  Melanie Ness White has manag... more

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