Sarah Smiley

Words From a Grieving Widow

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Last week, I would have said that our servicemembers' jobs don't become significantly more dangerous just because the U.S. is taking action in a conflict. Then my Navy-wife friend, Theresa, lost her husband, Landon, in a helicopter crash in the Red Sea. Theresa has a new baby boy, Hunter, born in July, as well as a 6-year-old son, Anthony. Land... more

Overcoming Fear of Flying (Maybe)

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I hadn't flown in a commercial airplane for 17 years. Yes, both my husband, Dustin, and my dad are Navy pilots. But after 9/11, I honestly thought I'd never fly again. In 2010, I flew in the Air National Guard's KC-135 because Dustin volunteered me to do it. I think he hoped it would end my fear of flying. It didn't. I never felt like the KC-13... more

Military Fathers Can't Win

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Three weeks ago, I wrote that society's new expectations of fathers mean that military men who leave their children from months at a time are sacrificing in new and different ways than did their predecessors.  Readers said I was complaining about being a military wife. This is what you signed up for and military families always want sympathy we... more

Fearful Flier Gets Help From Seat-Mate

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Read Part 1 here. I hadn't flown commercially in 17 years until I flew to Washington, D.C., with Dustin last month. Being in an airplane wasn't as bad as I thought. Aside from digging my nails into Dustin's forearm and panicking over every creak or thump, I kind of enjoyed myself. (I can't say the same for Dustin.) Also, watching the nation's... more

Gender Role Changes Mean New Sacrifices for Dads

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Pew Research reports that 40% of American households are supported either solely or primarily by a working mother. To many, this reflects changing views of gender roles in our society. But it also partly explains dramatic shifts in the military-family culture—and in particular, how it relates to fathers—that have taken place in just one generat... more

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