Reintegration from deployment

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Here's What You Need to Know About Reintegration

Spc. Elias Baez-Cintron, a light wheel mechanic with 333rd Engineer Company, greets his wife and kids during a welcome home ceremony after an 11-month deployment to Afghanistan. Photo by Sgt. 1st Class Julio Nieves

You’ve spent months looking forward to this moment: Reunion. After all that build-up, it’s impossible not to have high hopes for a magical moment. And that first hello? It really is magical. But after reunion comes reintegration -- and while both are exciting, reintegration is harder than it looks. Here are some tried-and-true tips for how ... more

Soldier Reunited With Son Highlights Rose Parade

PASADENA, Calif. -- A couple who became husband and wife on the "Love Float," a surprise reunion between a returning soldier and his little boy, and a grand marshal famed globally for her chimpanzee research were among the highlights of the 124th Rose Parade on Tuesday. The parade's spectacular 42 floral floats brightened an otherwise cloudy Ne... more

Reintegration: The Pushy Houseguest Stage

Navy homecoming 600x400

Another military wife friend refers to the whole deployment cycle as "Wait-Honeymoon-Suck." By that terminology, my husband and I are definitely in the "suck," though "suck" seems a little strong. It's not really that bad. This is definitely better than having him gone. But still ... The Passive Aggressive Post-It It's bad enough tha... more

Would You Give Your Spouse a Reintegration Cheat Sheet?

Must-Have Parent

You've heard of Angie's List and Craig's List. You've made grocery lists, to-do lists, and packing lists. I present to you, Rhonda's List. Rhonda has been an Army wife for 25 years, and by that, I mean that for all 25 years of their marriage, she's had to share her husband with the Army. She's learned a few things during that time. Speci... more

How to Sleep With Someone New When You're Already Married to Him

Must-Have Parent

This column is not about sex. If you're a parent -- and if you're reading this you probably are -- you already know most of the important stuff about sex. And this column is definitely not about how to meet and have sex with someone new. You're on your own for that one. You'll get no help from me. This column is about sleep. Plain old bor... more

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