Personal Finances

Consumers Don't Know Personal Finances

When we were in school, an average or failing grade would have meant big trouble for us at home, often resulting in our parents putting us into "time-out" -- and that may be just what some fiscally irresponsible adults need. An NFCC survey allowed consumers to grade themselves on their knowledge of personal finance, and 34 percent -- more than 7... more

8 Money Moves to Make in Your First Few Years of Military Service

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Content provided courtesy of USAA. Planning and the military go together like peanut butter and jelly. Think about it. Virtually all military operations begin with some sort of detailed planning process. That same approach will help you get off to a good start with your personal finances. Here are eight money moves to make early in your... more

How Do I Teach My Teen Good Money Habits?

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Content provided courtesy of USAA. One of the main goals of a parent is to prepare your children for adulthood. To that end, few lessons are as useful as learning how to handle money, says JJ Montanaro, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with USAA. Many of us learned those lessons the hard way. By educating your teens on family finances, you can p... more

Financial Resources and Help for Veterans

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You've served your country. Now what? Civilian life can be a challenging transition, especially financially. For veterans easing their way back into civilian life, many resources are available to help them with the financial aspects of life outside the military. From finding your next job to dealing with credit card debt (or other types of debt... more

Mastering the Credit Score

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Your credit score is important. Those three little digits help lenders decide whether to loan you money and at what terms. The higher your score, the less of a credit risk you are to lenders. And that can mean you'll pay lower interest rates on loans. Believe it or not, you may have more than one credit score. The FICO® score, which is used by ... more

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