Personal Finances

Consumers Don't Know Personal Finances

When we were in school, an average or failing grade would have meant big trouble for us at home, often resulting in our parents putting us into "time-out" -- and that may be just what some fiscally irresponsible adults need. An NFCC survey allowed consumers to grade themselves on their knowledge of personal finance, and 34 percent -- more than 7... more

How to Avoid Financial Scams


Have you been the victim of a financial scam? Is a credit card company charging you too much interest? Are you paying extra fees for that refinanced mortgage? If so, you may want to contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) for some guidance on how to deal with financial predators of all stripes. If you are a servicemember or vete... more

10 Best Military Banks of 2015

piggy bank sitting on cash

The men and women serving in the United States military have unique banking needs; they might travel for work, live overseas, move frequently or work unpredictable hours. Their financial circumstances change when they get deployed and everyday transactions like withdrawing money from an ATM, depositing checks, paying bills and sending money to f... more

How to Create a Budget When You're Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Servicemember stressed about finances.

Did you know that one-third of American households are living paycheck to paycheck? It's a sobering statistic, especially when you consider most of these families are considered middle class. For these average Americans, the American Dream should be well within their reach. We assume the middle class finds it easy to use their income to cover a... more

How to Set Up Secure Passwords (And Remember Them)


You've got one password for your bank account. Another for your work laptop. And still more for your favorite online shopping, social media and photo-sharing sites. Keeping track of them all can drive you nuts -- especially when you are prompted to come up with newer, stronger passwords every few months. The key to more secure passwords -- and... more

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