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Consumers Don't Know Personal Finances

When we were in school, an average or failing grade would have meant big trouble for us at home, often resulting in our parents putting us into "time-out" -- and that may be just what some fiscally irresponsible adults need. An NFCC survey allowed consumers to grade themselves on their knowledge of personal finance, and 34 percent -- more than 7... more

What to Do If You're the Financial Black Sheep of the Family

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How often have you heard a line about the importance of being true to yourself? Of discovering "the real you," and respecting who that person is? Yes, it's important that we all learn to celebrate ourselves as individuals. We should embrace those things about ourselves that make us… well, us! But sometimes that's easier said than done. Let's f... more

4 Reasons Your Childhood Directly Affects How You Deal with Money

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When I was 16, I accrued a $12 library fine for a few books I failed to return on time. I knew my dad would have a word or two to say about it, but what followed was a 30 minute diatribe – at least– about how said fines and late fees could really mess up my credit one day. Um, credit? I proceeded to tell him that taking such a quantum leap was ... more

Veterans Day: 6 Financial Tips From Military Experts

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The men and women in our armed forces face challenges every day, even after returning from their respective tours of duty. And while nothing can truly compare to the challenges confronted by soldiers, sailors and airmen in the face of combat, integrating oneself back into civilian life — where tracking finances is key — can be tough in its own r... more

7 Times It's OK to Dip Into Your Retirement Fund Early

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Taking an early withdrawal is not only costly in the short term, it can also jeopardize your long-term retirement goals: You'll be forfeiting the benefits of tax-deferred earnings and compounding interest, which diminishes the savings power of these accounts. These plans are specifically designed for long-term investing, making the years work in... more

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