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6 Financial Tips for Military Transition

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This content is provided courtesy of USAA. The term "life event" often conjures up images of wedding dresses, binkies and diapers or even sailboats that will carry you through the golden years to exotic locales. But here's another life event that may not be as obvious: swapping military boots for civilian shoes. That's a big change no matter wh... more

You May Get Separation Pay

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You may be eligible for additional separation pay. The Finance Office at your demobilization/deactivation installation can compute the actual amount, if any, owed you. </p You may be eligible for Separation Pay if you have finished your first term of enlistment or period of obligated service AND You have at least six years of service AND... more

Bill Would End Tax Penalty on Vets with Forgiven Student Loans

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Permanently disabled veterans or survivors of veterans who have their student debt forgiven would avoid taxes on the "income" under legislation recently introduced in the U.S. Senate. By law, forgiven student debt is counted as income by the Internal Revenue Service, resulting in veterans or their survivors and others being hit with a tax bill ... more

Tempted by a Payday Loan? First Take a Closer Look

Payday loan temptation.

It happens to a lot of people: Your finances are OK—you're making all your bill payments and meeting other obligations—and then something unexpected (and expensive!) happens. You may find yourself thinking, "I just need enough cash to tide me over until payday." This scenario leads some people to take out a payday loan. Unfortunately, rather tha... more

5 Myths That Can Rain on Your Retirement Party

Retirement Compass

Do you dream of the day you can retire, but aren't sure how to get there? You're not alone. Many people find it easier to avoid reality when it comes to planning for retirement. "That can lead to big mistakes in their retirement income planning," says Zachary Gipson, vice president of retirement and wealth planning at USAA. Here's a look at fiv... more

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