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Consumers Don't Know Personal Finances

Gail Cunningham

When we were in school, an average or failing grade would have meant big trouble for us at home, often resulting in our parents putting us into "time-out" -- and that may be just what some fiscally irresponsible adults need. An NFCC survey allowed consumers to grade themselves on their knowledge of personal finance, and 34 percent -- more than 7... more

Funding Your Retirement on a Military Budget

retirement sign

Funding retirement on a military family budget might seem unfeasible. Families have to budget for an unexpected PCS, clothes for the kids, bills, etc. However, saving for retirement using one income can be done, according to Suze Orman. Orman addressed this issue in her column "Money Matters" on Here are her suggestions for building ... more

7 Ways to Teach Teens to Manage Money

teen in car


When it comes to money know-how, teenagers' expertise is often limited to one particular aspect: spending it. This narrow knowledge won't improve much without some help. "Financial literacy is an essential parental responsibility, right up there with food, clothing and shelter," says JJ Montanaro, a certified financial planner ™ professional at... more

A Great Way to Save on Your Cell Phone Bill

Cell phone

Lauren Bowling

No one can say for sure if the economy is actually rebounding. Sure, unemployment is down and more spending is happening, but if you watch enough TV news it seems as if the next economic downturn is just around the corner. When times get tough, certain items are the first to get slashed including: vacations, shopping, any type of insurance besid... more

5 Steps to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Cash payment in hand.

Are you living from paycheck to paycheck? If so, you are not alone. But the sooner you break free from this cycle, the sooner you can start on a path toward financial security. It takes some hard work, but this is an achievable goal for most people. Let's take a look at how to break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck and start workin... more

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