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Palestinian Territories

Some Drama Off-Camera in Mideast Conflict Film

the warren movie

Associated Press | Apr 23, 2014

AL-EIN REFUGEE CAMP, West Bank (AP) — An American director's short film about an Israeli army raid in a Palestinian refugee camp ends with a surprise — literally involving a rabbit, though not one pulled from a hat. The story told in "The Warren" is meant to question the ways Israelis and Palestinians ... more

First Women Joining Palestinian Commando Unit

Palestinian women who will become a part of the elite Presidential Guard stand during a training in Jericho, West Bank. (AP Photo/Dusan Vranic)

Associated Press | Apr 07, 2014

JERICHO, West Bank  — Palestinian women in combat fatigues and headscarves rappelled down a six-story tower, fired assault rifles at imaginary terrorists and in a drill straight out of the movies bundled a would-be VIP into a car and sped off after a shooting. The 22 future commandos are trailblazers in a still largely male-dominated society, s... more

For Palestinians, Arab Idol Offers Welcome Escape

arab idol 2

Associated Press | Mar 19, 2014

RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) — Hundreds of Palestinian youths lined up outside a luxury hotel at the crack of dawn on Monday for a chance to compete in the Arab world's premier talent show, hoping to follow the unlikely example of last year's winner and sing their way out of a life of conflict and poverty. ... more

Palestinian Film Spotlights Israeli Arab Identity

omar movie palestine

Associated Press | Feb 26, 2014

JERUSALEM - In the Holy Land, the state of Palestine does not yet exist. But in Hollywood, it already has an Oscar finalist. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' announcement that "Omar," one of this year's candidates for best foreign language film, hailed from "Palestine" has raised eyebrows in these parts, where Israelis and the P... more

Abbas Seeks NATO Force in Future Palestine

UPI | Feb 03, 2014

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says he proposed to Secretary of State John Kerry a U.S.-led NATO force patrol a future Palestinian state indefinitely. The proposed independent Palestine alongside Israel would have no army of its own, only a police force, Assad told the New York Times. So the NATO forces would be in charge of ending weapons... more

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