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Ms. Vicki

Ms. Vicki is a native of Dallas, is married to an active-duty Soldier and has three sons. She has a Master's of Science in Social Work from the University of Louisville, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and currently works as a therapist with military servicemembers and their families. She provides services for a wide array of concerns such as combat stress, PTSD, couples and marital problems, depression, grief and loss, stress and coping.

Ms. Vicki also writes an advice column "Dear Ms. Vicki" that appears in the Washington Times, the Fort Campbell Courier and the Heidelberg Herald Post. Ms. Vicki also hosts an internet radio show and blogs on her community site with the Washington Times. If you want to ask Ms. Vicki for advice about your military life, please email her here.

Ms. Vicki

Stepmother Keeps Me Away From My Father

Dear Ms. Vicki, I have a problem with my stepmother. She tries to keep me away from my father while we are trying to live as a family. She treats me badly when my father is not home. Now that my father has been deployed, she has sent me to live with my grandmother forever. I don't know what to do or how to get any of my things. What should... more

Ms. Vicki

Do You Want a Wedding or a Marriage?

Dear Ms. Vicki, I recently graduated from college, and my boyfriend decided to join the Army. I absolutely love him and love the idea of getting married someday, but honestly, if he did not sign up for the Army, we wouldn't be getting married this soon. I have a lot of emotional issues -- one of them is abandonment from my father leaving.... more

Ms. Vicki

My Husband Took My Facebook Bait

Dear Ms. Vicki, The night before my Army husband was to return to South Korea, he told me that he had kissed another woman. I forgave him, only to find out sometime later from the other woman that it was more than just a kiss. I thought I had forgiven him, but I'm having trouble trusting him. I friended him on Facebook as another woman t... more

Ms. Vicki

What If I Join the Military and Regret It?

Dear Ms. Vicki, I'm 21 years old. I have wanted to be in the military for a long time now. I never went through with it because I didn't have a green card or American citizenship. Now there is this program in the Army I can join. I'm not planning to join only because I would gain citizenship. I really wanted to join because of the stability... more

Ms. Vicki

Do Predatory Women Go After Officers?

Dear Ms. Vicki, Why do officers always get the raw end of a deal? I have seen far too many women in my years in the military who used "sex" with an officer to get promoted, special treatment, etc. I have also seen senior NCOs affected by the same thing.  When will the military figure out that what is good for the goose is good for the g... more

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