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Indie Film Noir Sees Revival

blue ruin movie

Los Angeles Daily News | Apr 23, 2014

Film noir, the shadowy, psychologically loaded cycle of crime movies that flourished in Hollywood from World War II through the 1950s, holds a special place in the twisted hearts of filmmakers. Neo-noir revivals have broken out periodically since the mid-20th century. "Chinatown" in 1974, the Coen brothers' debut... more

Summer Movie Preview: Hollywood Bets Big Again

amazing spider man 2

Associated Press | Apr 23, 2014

NEW YORK (AP) — Like jumbo jets on the runway, Hollywood's summer movies are lined up, ready for takeoff. Will they hit any turbulence? If the movie business had a "fasten your seat belt" light, it was certainly flashing last summer. A number of high-profile films tanked while onlookers like Steven Spielberg warne... more

Some Drama Off-Camera in Mideast Conflict Film

the warren movie

Associated Press | Apr 23, 2014

AL-EIN REFUGEE CAMP, West Bank (AP) — An American director's short film about an Israeli army raid in a Palestinian refugee camp ends with a surprise — literally involving a rabbit, though not one pulled from a hat. The story told in "The Warren" is meant to question the ways Israelis and Palestinians ... more

Hanks, Spielberg to Reunite for Cold War Thriller

steven spielberg tom hanks

United Press International | Apr 23, 2014

Tom Hanks , fresh off the heels of well-received roles in Captain Phillips and Saving Mr. Banks, is reportedly attached to star in an untitled film about the Cold War. The role could reunite the 57-year-old actor with Steven Spielberg , who's in talks to direct the film. The two previously worked together on three films, Sav... more

'Hateful Eight' Reminiscent of 'Reservoir Dogs'

quentin tarantino hateful eight reading

 | Apr 21, 2014

Director Quentin Tarantino and the website Gawker are at each other's throats over the latter's now infamous link to an online copy of Tarantino's latest screenplay, The Hateful Eight. Enraged that this had happened when casting had barely commenced, the director shut down the movie unilaterally (perhaps finally ...) and sued ... more

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