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Fantasy Football Forecast: T-Day on Turkey Day

ej manuel 600x400

Fantasy Football Forecast: T-Day on Turkey Day For most fantasy football players, it's come down to this week: either you've clinched a playoff spot (congratulations) and you need to make some tweaks to your roster for the playoffs, or you're on the bubble and must put everything on the line for a win this weekend (we here at the Military... more

Fantasy Football Forecast: A Ghoulish Week 9

Jake Locker

Are we having fun yet? The Fantasy Football Forecast (MFFF) has had its ups and downs this year, but we're starting to come on strong, just in time for that most wonderfully devilish day of the year (Halloween, of course). As we celebrate another All Hallows' Eve, let's take a look at some fiendishly good picks to stack your ros... more

Fantasy Football Forecast: Under Fire in Week 8

Broncos versus Colts, number 81.

Well, we all got a little shook up by NFL Week 7, didn't we? A formerly unstoppable team (the Broncos) got stopped. A formerly winless team (the Giants) got its first W. The Patriots were undone by a weird quirk in the rule book (kinda how they benefitted from a weird quirk in the rule book in the 2001 playoffs). An NFC East team actually go... more

Fantasy Football Forecast: A Fresh Start

Josh Freeman in sweatjacket

With our nation poised on the edge of getting its act back together as of this writing (fingers crossed), the Fantasy Football Forecast is ready to do likewise. Hopefully your fantasy season has gone better than MFFF's -- with the crushing loss of Atlanta WR Julio Jones, and with Baltimore RB Ray Rice going on fantasy vacation fo... more

Fantasy Football Forecast: As the World Turns

Bryan Hoyer

We were tempted to name this week's fantasy football column "The Shutdown Corner," but given the events on Capitol Hill, it's a joke that tastes bitter on our tongues. As we round the quarter pole of the 2013 NFL season, we're seeing a pileup of teams around the .500 mark -- it's not as ugly as the current state of our government, but it ain'... more

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