Family Support

Guatemalan Brothers Reunite 31 Years after War

GUATEMALA CITY - Brothers Alberto and Gregorio Tut Cac last saw each other in 1982, when they fled to the mountains of northwestern Guatemala to save their lives as soldiers destroyed their village amid a bloody civil war. Alberto and Gregorio embraced for the first time in 31 years Thursday, after a non-governmental organization helped them fi... more

Family Support Services

Once a servicemember is mobilized, family members may find they need assistance with a particular problem or be in need of general support. Regardless of which military branch the Reserve is serving in, family members can receive services from any military installation. What is available will vary according to installation staffing, active-duty ... more

Project Sanctuary: Healing Veterans and Families

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Transitioning out of the military presents a host of challenges, not the least of which is reconnecting with friends and family. Service members usually face unique and harrowing situations while deployed, and sorting through them can be difficult. No matter the experience, handling the psychological baggage that can come from war takes tim... more

More Than 170 Babies Meet Carrier Truman Dads

NORFOLK -- The wails of small babies nearly drowned out the patriotic rock song as the aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman pulled up along a pier Friday morning at Norfolk Naval Station. The heated tent reserved for mothers who had given birth during the ship's nine-month deployment was packed. The air smelled of cocoa butter, baby powder and hand... more

Fort Jackson Pollution Questions Still Unresolved

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Neighbors of Fort Jackson fired questions at Army officials Thursday night about pollution near their homes, but they left a public meeting still not knowing if contamination from the fort is a threat to the water they drink. While the fort doesn't believe there's anything to worry about, Army officials said they won't know fo... more

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