With New Technology, Army Vet is Finally Free from Pain

Good news: Craig Hoffman separated his shoulder. Wait. Why is that good news? Let's back up. Three months ago the 49-year-old Lansing man couldn't do much of anything without wincing in pain. His lower back hurt too much. He tried massages, chiropractic and steroid injections. He popped pain pills like Tic Tacs. Nothing worked. Then, in Augus... more

Hollywood Gets Caught Up in the Rapture

the remaining church alex vega

The end is here. In the last year, on screens big and small, we've seen driverless cars careening into crowds, airplanes falling from the sky, the Hollywood Hills aflame, true believers being sucked into the heavens and a well-endowed Satan prowling the Earth and getting it on with Jonah Hill . The Rapture is upo... more

Veteran with Depression Takes Chance on Shelter Dog

Charles and Chance

Charles is an Air Force veteran who suffered a deep and prolonged depression until he took a chance on a shelter dog named Chance and regained a sense of purpose in his life. Our thanks to Charles for sharing his tale, and to Big Dog Ranch Rescue for helping us make this story possible. Chance was shipped to Big Dog Ranch Rescue in Wellington, ... more

Sick Marines a Medical Who-done-it for Navy Doctors

gathering water sample

When Navy Lt. Cmdr. Joy Dierks arrived at work last month, she found 31 sick Marines waiting for her. Symptoms included fever and chills, head and muscle aches, nausea and vomiting, jaundice, abdominal pain, diarrhea and rashes. Some cases were mild; others required hospitalization. Dierks, the III Marine Expeditionary Force’s preventative med... more

Marines Have Landed for San Francisco Fleet Week

USS America

SAN FRANCISCO, California -- Marines and sailors with I Marine Expeditionary Force arrived in San Francisco aboard the USS America (LHA-6), Oct. 6. The service members will showcase military capabilities during San Francisco Fleet Week 2014, which is scheduled to conclude Oct. 13.  The event focuses on interoperability training between civil an... more

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