White House Undergoes Holiday Lockdown After Man Jumps Fence

Joseph Caputo was arrested after jumping the fence at the White House and running onto the North Lawn while the President and his family were inside celebrating Thanksgiving. Vanessa Pena via AP

WASHINGTON -- A man draped in an American flag climbed over the fence at the White House on Thursday, prompting a lockdown as the first family celebrated Thanksgiving. The man was immediately apprehended and taken into custody pending criminal charges, the Secret Service said in a statement. The incident took place about 2:45 p.m. EST (1945 GM... more

Top 10 Things You Should Know Before You Join the Military

Army recruits swearing in

Every year, thousands of Americans consider serving in the military.  You can make the military a very rewarding growth experience if you prepare yourself before joining.  Here are the top ten things you need to understand and consider while you prepare to meet with a recruiter: 1. It's no one's job to motivate you to serve but yours! If y... more

On the Scent: A New Approach to Tactical K9 Training

Shawn Deehan, president and founder of Global Dynamic Security, prepares to send Bojar, a Czechoslovakian detection dog, on the hunt for Semtex explosive residue during a training demonstration on the GDS wooded compound near Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Veteran K9 trainer Shawn Deehan shadows a Czechoslovakian shepherd named Bojar as he searches a large field, following hints of explosives in the air. The wolfish-looking animal keeps his nose just above the rain-soaked grass, moving forward in overlapping circles. "So as he makes a big circle, I walk up to the back side of the circle; he... more

After Vet Felled by PTSD, Service Dog Honor Aids Family Now

Zz0xZWYwMmRlMmU4NDA2YWI3YTIyN2NhNTU1ZGEwNjU2ZAjpeg 09 Nov 2015

CLYDE, N.C. - Part of the Labrador retriever's training was to sense when the demons of war had invaded Wade Baker's dreams. "I was having a nightmare, a flashback," Baker, a Gulf War veteran, once told an interviewer. "And I woke up with Honor standing on my chest, licking my face." He tried to push his service dog away, but Honor persisted. ... more

French Police Dog Killed During Raid Hailed as Hero Online

dieselpolicedogjpg 19 Nov 2015

PARIS  - A French police dog named Diesel, killed in a raid targeting the alleged mastermind of the Paris attacks and another cell of extremists, is being honored as a hero all over the world. Many have turned to social media to pay tribute to the 7-year-old Belgian shepherd dog that France's National Police said was "killed by terrorists" earl... more

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