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The Best Advice I've Ever Received


Before my husband deployed to Iraq for the second time, he and I went through a particularly rough patch in our relationship, and found ourselves fighting, literally, all the time. We fought about stupid things, things that didn't matter, but for some reason, neither of us were willing to let anything go. I remember mentioning this to another wi... more

Shelter Dog a Naval Aviator's Port in the Storm

Damian and Bella

Pets for Patriots

Damian had a long Naval career as an aviator and flight instructor. After years of constant change, he embraced post-military life and shared his newly permanent roots with a friend: a shelter dog named Bella. Although mobility is a job requirement of anyone in the military, relocating is still a complex event and can take its toll. The effects... more

Getting the Lowdown on Customs and Courtesies

Salute 428x285

The U.S. Military is comprised of five organizations that instill pride in their members because of history, mission, capabilities, and respect that has been earned in the service of the nation. A reflection of that pride is visible in thecustoms, courtesies, and traditions of military service. Customs A custom is an established practice. Cu... more

Troops Bemoan Missing Cars after Shipping Change

Inspecting car | Jul 29, 2014

Service members and their families are increasingly reporting delays and other problems associated with the shipment of their cars and personal vehicles between stateside and overseas posts. The complaints come just months after the Defense Department hired a new contractor, International Auto Logistics -- the Brunswick, Georgia-based subsidiar... more

Young Amputee Veteran Gets Fresh Start in New Home

 | Jul 29, 2014

ST. PETERSBURG -- While others his age went to college parties or planned careers, Stephen Peterson was learning how to walk again after an explosion in Afghanistan took his right leg. Peterson was six months into his Army tour as part of Operation Enduring Freedom on July 1, 2011, when a bomb exploded beneath his vehicle and tore off his leg a... more

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