Leaker Snowden Alleges US Hacking on China, World

Edward Snowden

HONG KONG -- For months, China has tried to turn the tables on the U.S. to counter accusations that it hacks America's computers and networks. Now, former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden may have handed Beijing a weapon in its cyber war of words with Washington. In an interview with the South China Morning Post newspaper, Snowden claims ... more

Report: Chinese Hackers First in Cyber Espionage

Hackers affiliated with the Chinese government accounted for the most successful cyber espionage in the world last year, a new report indicates. The report by Verizon's RISK team and 18 partners, including the United States, found China dominated the category of state-affiliated cyber espionage of intellectual property, The Washington Post repo... more

General Says Detection Deters Major Cyberattacks

WASHINGTON - Foreign leaders are deterred from launching a major electronic attack on vital infrastructure in the United States because they know such a strike could be traced to its source and would generate a robust response, the military's top cyber warrior said during congressional testimony Tuesday. But Army Gen. Keith Alexander, head of U... more

No Charges for Man Accused of Hacking US Military

LONDON - British authorities opted Friday not to charge a computer hacker who waged a decade-long struggle to avoid trial in the U.S. for breaking into military computers. Gary McKinnon, who has been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, was accused of one of the largest-ever breaches of military networks, carried out soon after the Sept. 11 atta... more

Report: Russia Behind 2014 Attack on White House Computer System

The White House

Russian hackers last year were able to breach a White House computer system after a successful cyber-attack on the State Department, a news report said Tuesday. The report by CNN says the hackers were able to get sensitive information, including non-public details about President Obama's schedule. White House officials responded by saying the ... more

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