Coast Guard Workouts

  • sideplank600
    Favorite Workout of the Week
    Stew Smith
    This week, our favorite upper body workout was centered by a workout called Death by Pushups.
  • UpHillPushups600
    Tough Mix of a Few Types of Workouts
    Stew Smith
    Eventually, what was a workout becomes a warmup as you progress into bigger and better conditioning.
  • Passing Military Swimming Tests
    Passing Military Swimming Tests|
    One of the toughest swims I receive emails for on a weekly basis is the underwater swim -- especially from Navy SEAL and Air Fo...
  • Remedial Fitness for Military
    Remedial Fitness for Military|
    An Army Reservist of 20 plus years emailed me for some help. This question, and the need for a basic program, is universal thro...
  • Lose the Love Handles
    Situp Test Help: Improve Fast!
    Stew Smith
    The PT Progression Series is a series of answers about how to develop skills for fitness testing. The PT Pyramid is the foundat...