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Career Mentoring

  • Airmen at a computer, teaching and education.
    Commentary: Teaching an Airman to Fish
    Air Force News|
    While the value of a mentor-protégé relationship is understood, the Air Force could benefit from a renewed emphasis on mentoring.
  • College students working at at computer.
    ACP Provides Genuine Mentorship
    American Corporate Partners|
    I hate buzzwords. Too often, the word mentorship is wrongly used. By all appearances, however, ACP offers it in the truest sense.
  • Discussing business
    Harvard Staff Assists Transitioning Veterans
    American Corporate Partners
    When Canezin learned about Harvard's partnership with American Corporate Partners, he took the opportunity and became a Mentor.
  • SunsetOnNavy
    From Mentor to Protégé: The Civilian Transition
    American Corporate Partners|
    Navy veteran Frank Villanueva recounts his military transition experience and offers some insights.
  • Outdoor business meeting
    Veteran Unemployment Reduction: Now What?
    The national veteran unemployment rate has officially fallen below the national average and stayed there since October. Now what?