Myanmar Military Admits Airstrikes on Rebels

YANGON, Myanmar - Myanmar's military has acknowledged carrying out airstrikes against ethnic Kachin rebels in the country's north, and says it has captured a hilltop post from where the insurgents launched attacks on government supply convoys. The statement broadcast on state television Wednesday contradicted government claims two days earlier ... more

Lawmakers Uneasy Over US-Myanmar Military Ties

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WASHINGTON - The Obama administration wants to restart U.S. defense training for Myanmar that was cut 25 years ago after a bloody crackdown on protesters. While assistance would be nonlethal, some American lawmakers are resisting, concerned Washington is moving too fast in forging ties with a military still accused of attacking ethnic minorities... more

Bad Guy Blues: Myanmar Villains Struggle to Get By

myanmar villains

YANGON, Myanmar - In a dimly lit alley on a cramped side street of a teeming Southeast Asian city, the bad guys cluster together, plotting their next move. There is A Yaing Min, the "King of Cruelty," who twirls his mustache as he talks and cultivates a pointy beard with a pointed message: Mess with me, and I will end you. There is Myint Kyi, w... more

Obama: Myanmar Visit About Sustaining Momentum

President Obama

YANGON, Myanmar -- In a historic trip to a long shunned land, President Barack Obama on Monday showered praise and promises of more U.S. help to Myanmar if the Asian nation keeps building its new democracy. "Our goal is to sustain the momentum," he declared with pride as the first U.S. president to visit here. Tens of thousands of people lined ... more

Myanmar Army May Get Invite to US-Thai Exercise

BANGKOK - Myanmar's military, long criticized for human rights abuses, may be invited as an observer at annual U.S-Thai joint military exercise next year, officials in Washington and Bangkok said Friday. The potential invitation to the Cobra Gold exercise would come after years of Myanmar being frozen out of U.S. regional activities because of ... more

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