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Bryant Jordan is an associate editor and White House correspondent for Bryant covers all corners of the military arena, is an expert on "Don't Ask Don't Tell" issues, religious proselytizing and other ongoing military policy issues. He has covered Air Force support missions during the Kosovo War and in 2006 the aero-medical evacuation mission out of Balad Air Base, Iraq.

A journalist since 1979, Jordan also covered stories in Lebanon, Gaza and Morocco. During the Vietnam War he was assigned to 15th Admin. Co., 1st Cavalry Division, Bien Hoa Army Base. Before joining Jordan was a staff writer and deputy news editor for Military Timesnewspapers in Springfield, Va.

Lawmakers Reach Deal on VA Reform

VA Healthcare | Jul 28, 2014

The two sides have agreed to add $15 billion in emergency mandatory spending to the legislation, according to CQ Roll Call, which got hold of a summary of the agreement. The amount includes $10 billion to enable vets to get care from private providers and $5 billion to hire medical staff and upgrade facilities. On Friday, Miller propose... more

Vet Groups Hit Sanders Over Bill Negotiations

VA building | Jul 25, 2014

Three veterans' organizations issued a statement on Friday chiding lawmakers for inserting a $17.6 billion supplemental budget request into conference committee negotiations on veterans' legislation. "Regardless of the merits, a last-minute [Department of Veterans Affairs] request for $17.6 billion dollars in additional spending only hampers... more

Senate and House Bicker over VA Funding Bill

Capitol Hill | Jul 24, 2014

One of the frequent boasts out of members of the Senate and House Veterans Affairs committees is that they serve on the most bipartisan panel in Congress because they believe the veteran should come first. But that bipartisanship was absent Thursday as GOP and Democrat members of the two committees came out offering and endorsing competing prop... more

Survey: VA Health Care Works Once Vets Get Seen

VA plaque | Jul 24, 2014

A survey of Iraq and Afghanistan combat veterans finds that most who are receiving mental health care are "overwhelmingly satisfied" with the care, no matter if it's from the Department of Veterans Affairs or an outside provider. The finding is included in the 2014 survey of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America released on Thursday during a... more

VA Nominee Pledges to Root Out Corruption

Robert McDonald | Jul 23, 2014

President Obama's nominee to lead the troubled Department of Veterans Affairs said he will work to establish integrity at an agency where investigations have found that directors manipulated the health care system, leading to veterans' suffering and, in some cases, death. Members of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee lined up Tuesday to a... more

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