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Bryant Jordan is an associate editor and White House correspondent for Bryant covers all corners of the military arena, is an expert on "Don't Ask Don't Tell" issues, religious proselytizing and other ongoing military policy issues. He has covered Air Force support missions during the Kosovo War and in 2006 the aero-medical evacuation mission out of Balad Air Base, Iraq.

A journalist since 1979, Jordan also covered stories in Lebanon, Gaza and Morocco. During the Vietnam War he was assigned to 15th Admin. Co., 1st Cavalry Division, Bien Hoa Army Base. Before joining Jordan was a staff writer and deputy news editor for Military Timesnewspapers in Springfield, Va.

Competition Kicks Off to Build World War I National Memorial in DC

The trenches of World War I. (Defense Department photo)

Nearly a century after the United States entered World War I, a competition now is under way to design a national memorial honoring those who served. The memorial will be built on what currently is Pershing Park, where there is a bronze statue of Gen. John "Blackjack" Pershing, commander of American forces during the war. The memorial, expected... more

McDonald Says Congress Must Act on Stalled VA Hospital Before Recess

Robert McDonald

Veterans Affairs Secretary Bob McDonald on Wednesday pushed back against congressional criticism over an unfinished, delayed and overly expensive veterans hospital near Denver, Colorado, saying that lawmakers have failed to act on reasonable plans to save the project. Now, he said, the entire project will be shut down this weekend unless Congre... more

Lawyer Says Immigration Military Recruitment Legislation Unnecessary

Enlistment oath.

A defense budget amendment intended to open the military up to undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as minor children may have died by a House vote last week, but a veteran immigration attorney said legislation is unnecessary because the Defense Department already has that authority. "The President already has statutory authority to let ... more

Air Force Boosting Numbers Through Extensions, Prior Service Programs

airmen attention 600x400

The Air Force personnel pendulum is again swinging upward, with leaders introducing programs to grow the ranks with new airmen as well as keeping current ones in the service even if they hit their high year tenure mark. The Air Force on Monday announced several new programs intended to grow the force, including extended High Year Tenure to s... more

VA Spent $5 billion-plus on Improper Medical Supply Purchases

Department of Veterans Affairs

Veterans Affairs Department employees using purchase cards improperly spent at least $5 billion on medical supplies, including prosthetics, a senior VA official told lawmakers on Thursday. Deputy Assistant Secretary for Acquisition and Logistics Jan Frye said he was a reluctant whistleblower, but was compelled to go to Congress after warnin... more

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