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Bryant Jordan is an associate editor and White House correspondent for Bryant covers all corners of the military arena, is an expert on "Don't Ask Don't Tell" issues, religious proselytizing and other ongoing military policy issues. He has covered Air Force support missions during the Kosovo War and in 2006 the aero-medical evacuation mission out of Balad Air Base, Iraq.

A journalist since 1979, Jordan also covered stories in Lebanon, Gaza and Morocco. During the Vietnam War he was assigned to 15th Admin. Co., 1st Cavalry Division, Bien Hoa Army Base. Before joining Jordan was a staff writer and deputy news editor for Military Timesnewspapers in Springfield, Va.

Pentagon Could Make Combat Action Badge Retroactive to World War II

Combat Action Badge

Congress has ordered the Defense Department to consider a proposal to retroactively award the Combat Action Badge to soldiers who engaged in actual combat dating back to Dec. 7, 1941. Though legislation extending award eligibility back to World War II failed to make it into the final version of the 2015 Defense bill, lawmakers told the Pent... more

Cuba Initiative Could Mean Changes for Guantanamo Base

Guantanamo guard

President Obama on Wednesday announced the beginning of the end of the decades-old U.S. embargo of Cuba, opening the door to normal relations by re-establishing an American embassy in Havana and sending a U.S. delegation there next month for talks on U.S.-Cuba migration. But left out of Obama's announcement is what normalization of relations... more

Military’s Equal Opportunity Chief Under Investigation

Morris Turner

Just six months after being installed as the head of the Defense Departments' equal opportunity programs, an Army colonel has been temporarily reassigned pending an investigation into alleged misconduct. The complaint against Army Col. Morris "Reese" Turner alleges "inappropriate touching," according to Military Times, which first reported t... more

Clay Hunt Veteran Suicide Bill Blocked in Senate by Coburn

Clay Hunt (Photo: IAVA)

Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Oklahoma, has successfully blocked a vote on a veterans' suicide bill, leaving it to backers to re-introduce the legislation next year. Coburn, who is leaving the Senate, said he opposed the $22 million Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act because it duplicated existing Department of Veterans Affairs program... more

Senator's Hold Threatens Clay Hunt Veteran Suicide Legislation

Clay Hunt (Photo: IAVA)

Veterans groups and military associations are blasting a move by Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Oklahoma, intended to scuttle a veterans' suicide prevention bill that has already passed in the House with strong bipartisan support. The GOP lawmaker put a hold on the $22 million bill, which he opposes on grounds it has no offsets in spending elsewhere and... more

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