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Auto Insurance Myths Exposed

Auto Insurance Statement


Content provided courtesy of USAA. The color of the car affects my insurance rate. Not true. Rates are based on safety features, the cost of replacements or repairs and other factors the driver brings to the table. So paint your ride any color you like. I have no-fault insurance so that means it's not my fault. Duh! Wrong. No-fault i... more

Check Your Car Battery

Man replacing a car battery.


Content provided courtesy of USAA. Today, most car batteries are designed to operate maintenance-free for several years. But because extreme summer temperatures can destroy a battery and leave you stranded, the nonprofit Car Care Council recommends having your car's battery tested periodically and, if necessary, replaced. A professional mechan... more

How Often You Should Change Your Oil

A mechanic working on a car's engine.

Dirty oil just doesn’t do the job as well as fresh oil does. The additives in dirty oil boil out, contaminants form in the crankcase and eat metal parts, and water collects over time and forms sludge. The oil holds more and more abrasive particles of metal suspended in it, and these particles wear away the parts of the engine that the oil is... more

Choosing the Right Oil for Your Vehicle

Man underneath engine repair.

If you're wondering how you're going to choose the right oil for your vehicle, ask yourself the following questions: What kind of oil have you been using? If your vehicle is running well, there's probably nothing to be gained by switching to another brand of oil. There's not a lot of difference between API-rated oils as far as performa... more

Shipping Your Vehicle Overseas

Shipping Your Car Overseas (POV)

If you've received a new assignment and have decided to leave your personal vehicle (or POV as they say in the military) at home, there's a few insurance options available to you (see this article for more details). But if you're keen on taking your car with you to your new duty station, or bought a POV overseas while stationed there and wan... more

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