You May Be More Distracted Behind the Wheel Than You Think

Family driving a silver SUV.

Content provided courtesy of USAA. You've seen warnings about the dangers of using a phone while driving. In fact, 1 in 4 car crashes are now tied to cellphone use, according to the National Safety Council. But a new study suggests there may be an even more distracting activity that drivers do all the time. Topping the list? Interacting with ... more

Brake Maintenance: Checking Brake Fluid

Checking Auto Brake Fluid

Many of the symptoms associated with a brake problem are the result of brake fluid issues (see this link for a list of brake problem symptoms). Fortunately, checking your brake fluid level is a relatively easy process—just follow the steps below and have your car manual handy. 1. Open the hood of your car and find the brake master cylinder. ... more

Brake Maintenance: 5 Warning Signs

Brake Maintenance: 5 Warning Signs

Most would agree that brakes are the most important feature of your car—but do you know how to detect when there’s a problem with your brakes, or how to do a maintenance check on your brake system? Below are the standard warning signs that something might be wrong with your brakes. If you’re noticing any of the following symptoms, be sure to ... more

Dealing with Car Dealers: Three Tips

Dealing with Car Dealers Three Tips

The tricky, slimy car dealer has become a popular cliche in movies -- and a quick look at review sites like reveals that there's plenty of 'em in real life too. Most folks look at the visit to the local car dealership as a necessary evil, and it isn't any more pleasant when you feel like you're getting railroaded into making an auto pur... more

Keep Your Car Cool

Car in the heat.

Content provided courtesy of USAA. Hot temperatures outdoors increase the chance of your engine overheating. This is especially true when you're stuck in traffic (when airflow can't help cool the engine) or driving uphill (when the engine is working extra hard). To help prevent problems, have your engine coolant reservoir periodically checked a... more

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