10 Worst Auto Maintenance Mistakes

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Content provided courtesy of USAA. The cost of procrastinating usually far outweighs the expense of following your vehicle's recommended maintenance schedule, according to, a provider of auto maintenance diagnostic products. The company surveyed a group of master mechanics for the top 10 common auto maintenance mistakes that can cause... more

Auto Repair: Getting at Your Brakes

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Checking your brakes to see whether they're in good condition isn't as scary as it sounds; in fact, it's quite simple — with two qualifications: Don't fiddle with anything unless I tell you to, and be sure to disassemble the stuff that covers your brakes in the proper manner so that you don't have troublereassembling it. Keep the following i... more

Auto Repair: Checking Your Brake Lines

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If the fluid level in your master cylinder remains full, chances are that you don't need to check for leaks in the brake lines that carry the fluid to each wheel cylinder. However, if you find that you're losing brake fluid, or if the inner surfaces of your tires are wet or look as though something has been leaking and streaking them, it cou... more

Auto Repair: Checking Your Brake Pedal

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If you're like most people, you're usually aware of only one part of your brake system: the brake pedal. You're so familiar with it, in fact, that you can probably tell if something's different just by the way the pedal feels when you step on the brakes. To check your brake pedal, you simply do the same thing you do every time you drive: Yo... more

Auto Repair: Checking Your Master Cylinder

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Brake fluid is stored in the master cylinder. When you step on the brake pedal, fluid goes from the master cylinder into the brake lines; when you release the pedal, the fluid flows back into the master cylinder. Essentially, when you check your master cylinder, you're making sure that you have enough brake fluid. Caution: If your vehicle ha... more

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