4 Ways to Prepare for Negotiations With the Auto Dealer

Handing over the keys

Content provided courtesy of USAA. Buying a new car can be a white-knuckle ride. Emotions run in the red, salespeople push for breakneck decisions and financing comes with tricky twists and turns. But here are four steps USAA suggests to help you negotiate the course safely and cross the finish line with a deal you are happy about. Stick to ... more

How to Get In When You're Locked Out


If you tend to leave the keys in your car fairly often, consider hiding an extra key somewhere on the vehicle. A little magnetic key box that sticks to the metal surface of a steel body or frame is best, but be sure to place it in an obscure and hard-to-reach area where it can't jiggle loose and fall off. I leave the location up to you -- be ima... more

Create a Winter Emergency Kit

Ice on car.

Content provided courtesy of USAA. It's a hassle any time your car breaks down, but getting stranded in a severe winter storm can be deadly — especially if you're not prepared. Keep an emergency kit in your car to help you stay safe and handle the situation quickly. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends assembling the follow... more

Auto Repair: Inspecting and Repacking Your Wheel Bearings

Working on a creeper

If you have disc brakes and you have to remove the caliper to get the disc off the spindle in order to get at the inner bearings, I think that you should inspect and pack them only under supervision at an auto class or under the eye of an experienced mechanic. It's not a difficult job; it's just that you may not get the calipers back on righ... more

Practice Parking Lot Safety

Rainy car lot.

Content provided courtesy of USAA. Auto safety doesn't stop as soon as you park the car. It's also important to protect yourself, your vehicle and your personal belongings anytime you leave your vehicle. Keep these tips from the National Safety Commission in mind the next time you park in a public place — or even your driveway: Park in a... more

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