Would You Drive With Your Eyes Shut?

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Content provided courtesy of USAA. Driving with your eyes closed would be crazy, right? But that's pretty much what you do if you text on the highway. When you send or open a text while driving, you're taking your eyes off the road for an average of 4.6 seconds, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. At 55 mph, that's... more

Auto Repair: Jump-Starting Diesel Batteries

Car mechanic repairing the underside of the car.

Even though diesel-powered vehicles can have dual batteries or one oversized battery, it's possible to jump-start a diesel from the battery on a conventional gasoline-powered vehicle. To avoid confusion, in this section I call the vehicle with the dead battery the disabled vehicle and the one you're jumping the start from the sour... more

Brake Maintenance: 5 Warning Signs

Brake Maintenance: 5 Warning Signs

Most would agree that brakes are the most important feature of your car—but do you know how to detect when there’s a problem with your brakes, or how to do a maintenance check on your brake system? Below are the standard warning signs that something might be wrong with your brakes. If you’re noticing any of the following symptoms, be sure to ... more

Dealing with Car Dealers: Three Tips

Dealing with Car Dealers Three Tips

The tricky, slimy car dealer has become a popular cliche in movies -- and a quick look at review sites like reveals that there's plenty of 'em in real life too. Most folks look at the visit to the local car dealership as a necessary evil, and it isn't any more pleasant when you feel like you're getting railroaded into making an auto pur... more

Cash In on Year-End Car Deals

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Auto prices are dropping as carmakers clear out old inventory to promote the next new thing in their showrooms. Larry Dixon, senior manager of market intelligence for the National Automobile Dealers Association, says today's low interest rates and high trade-in values for used vehicles make it a great time to buy a new car. "Right now, consume... more

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