Army Workouts

  • Soldier Changes Life Through Fitness Image
    Soldier Changes Life Through Fitness|
    Stephanie and I get many testimonies daily from GX? magazine and readers as a result of several y...
  • SleepScienceOpinion
    Do Late Night Workouts Affect Your Sleep? Science and Opinion
    Stew Smith
    More than 80% of people who exercise (day or night) tend to sleep better than those who do not exercise, according to a poll by...
  • Training for Ruck Marches
    Training for Ruck Marches|
    Also known as "forced marches" or "humps", these events are basically walking at a fast pace over rough terrain with a backpack...
  • Army Air Assault School
    Army Air Assault School|
    Air Assault School is a ten-day course of instruction that teaches Air Assault techniques. It's also one of the most physically...
  • One Soldier Two Workouts Image
    One Soldier, Two Workouts|
    Here is a great question from soldier who wants to add in some extra PT with his command group PT and does not want to overdo i...