Air Force Uniform

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The Air Force uniform reflects their Army Air Corps roots combined with the start of a new tradition of their own which began on January 18, 1949, when President Truman approved the distinctive Air Force blue uniform. The Air Force has several uniforms including the Service Dress, Dress, and Battle Dress uniforms, which, like the other services, have differing components and manner of dress depending on the situation and therank of the Airman.

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Air Force (USAF) Uniform Policy

The Air Force has policies on how to wear uniforms. Check out their office policy guide.

AF Uniform Changes: Morale T-Shirts On Fridays

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KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany -- When it comes to Air Force physical fitness training, reflective belts are out and black socks are in. Hot-pink cell phones are now OK too, while in uniform, as are morale T-shirts and patches -- but only on Fridays. Changes in what airmen can and cannot wear while working out or while on the job are spelled o... more

Air Force Says 'No' to New Camouflage

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Some U.S. Air Force personnel will suit up in the Army's new camouflage pattern next year, but most airmen will have to keep wearing their service's distinctive tiger-stripe pattern. The Air Force has decided not to follow the Army's recent decision to replace its digital camouflage pattern. The ruling marks a reversal from a decade ago whe... more

Army, AF, and Navy Relax Rules About Hairstyles

Petty Officer 3rd Class Brittany Washington washes Seaman Virginia Moreau's hair aboard the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower in the beauty salon. (DoD)

WASHINGTON — Under pressure from lawmakers, the Army, Navy and Air Force changed their uniform policies Monday to allow female servicemembers to sport previously banned hairstyles. The changes came after a DOD-wide hairstyle policy review directed by Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel earlier this year. Some servicemembers and members of ... more

'Army Veteran' in Air Force Uniform to Get Treatment


UNIONTOWN, Pa. -- An alleged military impersonator who was wearing the wrong uniform when he tried to enter a southwestern Pennsylvania school to talk about Veterans Day will likely receive probation and mental health treatment. Fayette County Assistant District Attorney Meghann Mikluscak discussed the plea deal after Jonathan Campbell, 23, of ... more

The U.S. Air Force Birthday

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1947 -- The U.S. Air Force Gains its IndependenceWorld War II had been over for two years and the Korean War lay three years ahead when the Air Force ended a 40-year association with the U.S. Army to become a separate service. The U.S. Air Force thus entered a new era in which airpower became firmly established as a major element of the nation's... more

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