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  • Retiree With Spouse
    TRICARE for Life
    If you have Medicare part A & B, TRICARE for life can pay your Medicare copay.
  • Doctor Nurses Diagnosis
    TRICARE Plus Overview
    TRICARE Plus is a primary care enrollment program that is offered at selected local military treatment facilities.
  • Pharmacy dispensing medicine
    TRICARE Pharmacy Options
    TRICARE pharmacy options allow you to get prescriptions filled at military pharmacies, civilian pharmacies, or through the mail.
  • insurance key on computer keyboard
    TRICARE Standard With Other Health Insurance
    If you are covered by other health insurance and have TRICARE standard there are special rules to follow
  • Doctor and Patient physical exam
    TRICARE Standard Overview
    TRICARE Standard & Extra are very similar. The main difference is which provider you can use. This page explains TRICARE Standard