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  • Holiday Cards Reveal Secret Truths

    (Photo: U.S. Air Force.)

    The reason Shutterfly offers festive blue New Year's card layouts next to the red and green Christmas card layouts is for slackers like me. Oh, I talk a good game. In December, I always swear that if anyone wants to know that much about our family, they should Facebook us, Google us, come on over and ring our doorbell. It is only in the cool, gray light of January that I sit down to really read those cards. I end up loving all those pictures... more

  • Military Family Life 101

    Whether you're just getting introduced to the military life or encountering your latest challenge, it's always good to keep up with the resources available to military families. The spouse team knows that making it in the military isn't just a matter of willpower. It's about arming yourself with the tools and knowledge of the best tips and tricks for military happiness. It's about knowing what your resources are and using them. Fo... more

  • Make an Engineering Career Work as a MilSpouse

    Career Decisions Ahead

    I majored in mechanical engineering at Manhattan College because I wanted a career specializing in math and science. Then I married a soldier. I was worried that his career and mine would not go together. After all, I didn't know any engineers who were military spouses as well. How was this going to work? Yet over the years, I have developed a great relationship with my employer. I have been able to work from home as an engineer from four st... more

  • How Military Marriage Screws Up Your Career

    marriage video sg 600x400

    Every month I get letters from Milsos, brides and the occasional boyfriend about military spouse employment. They are terrified of turning into hausfraus -- especially the guys. I have dreams!  I’ve been working on my resume! My Marine is going to request San Diego! So the military won’t be a problem, will it??? This, I think, is why I dream of Xanax. But the first rule of military spousehood is that self-medicating never, ever works. ... more

  • 5 Things To Do if Military Marriage Is in Trouble

    Young couple

    Things are not going well in your marriage, are they? You have stopped telling your husband about your day because something inevitably sets him off. You get the feeling your wife would rather be at work or at her violin lessons or talking to her sister than spending time with you. You picked up your servicemember’s phone and found dozens of text messages from another woman. Worst of all, somehow you suspect that your partner in life doesn’t r... more

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