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  • Military Family Life 101

    Whether you're just getting introduced to the military life or encountering your latest challenge, it's always good to keep up with the resources available to military families. The spouse team knows that making it in the military isn't just a matter of willpower. It's about arming yourself with the tools and knowledge of the best tips and tricks for military happiness. It's about knowing what your resources are and using them. Fo... more

  • Long Military Marriage: How Did You Do That?

    Long military marriages

    Have you been married more than 15 years? And you (or your spouse) are still in the military? How did you do that? The world wants to know. Most of what we know about military marriage was discovered by surveying military members who have been married less than five years. On one hand, this is a good idea -- marriages are most susceptible to divorce in the early years. It is good to know what causes young couples to break up. On the other ha... more

  • Active Marriage Keeps Divorce at Bay


    Does being in a military marriage increase the likelihood of divorce? Not according to the most recent statistics about military divorce. But military marriages continue to be perceived as unstable due to popularized dramas and misinformed stereotypes. We know that military marriages are strong and resilient, because we are constantly being tested and constantly passing those tests.  Even the best of marriages need boosters; they can become ... more

  • Project Sanctuary Aids Military Families

    A family poses during an indoor rock-climbing event sponsored by Project Sanctuary, a national nonprofit organization committed to assisting military families. Courtesy photo

    WASHINGTON -- A national nonprofit organization assists military families in making the transition from "battle-ready to family-ready." Project Sanctuary, founded in 2007, continues its deliberate efforts that to date have provided help to over 450 families here, and in 44 of the 50 states. Jason Strickland, chief development officer for Project Sanctuary, discussed the nonprofit's mission and how it is uniquely qualified to help troops and ... more

  • Don't Marry Him, Milso

    hands with wedding rings

    It's June and that means weddings, and who doesn't love a wedding? So much promise. So much love. So much beauty. And military weddings ... the uniforms. The sabers. It's almost too romantic to bear. Last year, I wrote this commencement address for military spouses. This year, I want to amend that message a tad. I still believe what I wrote last year, but this year I want to add this sentence to the top: Don't do it. Don't marry him, ... more

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