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Reserve Help and Support

The military has a wide range of departments and resources which can provide personal and spiritual assistance to individual Reservists and their families.

Family Centers

Most military installations have Family Centers, which provide information, life-skills education, and support services. One of the primary functions of the Family Center is to link customers with appropriate services available in the local community or through state and federal assistance programs.

Each service refers to their own centers by a different name:

Army: Army Community Service Centers (ACS)
Navy: Family Service Centers (FSC)
Air Force: Family Support Centers (FSC)
Marine Corps: Family Service Centers (FSC)

Family Centers can provide many emergency and long-term assistance to military members and families, including:

  • Quick-response crisis assistance.
  • Support for members and their families before, during and after deployments; this also includes reservists.
  • Employment assistance for military spouses and family members in finding jobs on base and in local communities. For more information on careers for both servicemembers and spouses, see the Careers section.
  • Financial management counseling and education. For more information on military finance, see our Finance section.
  • New parent education programs, including classes (sometimes in-home) and advice on newborn and infant care.
  • Relocation assistance. For more information, see the Relocation section.
  • Support Groups: From 12-step programs to family support groups during deployment, a whole range of support groups are available to military members.

These are only a sample of what is available at military family centers. Check out our Military Installations Directory to find the center closest to you.

Relief Societies/Emergency Financial Assistance

If your family has a serious financial problem, your command's family support group, ombudsman, or family readiness point of contact can provide information about your service branch relief society, or other options. The American Red Cross (see the Private Help topic box at the right) can provide helpful information, and collaborates with military aid societies in providing financial assistance for circumstances such as emergency travel, burial assistance, or urgent health and welfare needs such as food and shelter. For more on relief and assistance, see the Hot Links box on the right.

Inspectors General

Inspectors General serve as a kind of "Internal Affairs" for the military. If you have a concern or complaint about possibly illegal or unjust activities in your unit or your base, you can approach an Inspector General for assistance. For more information see the Inspectors General section.

Private Help

Be aware there are many private organizations, some of them affiliated with particular service branches, that can help you in times of need. Some of these organizations are listed in the Hot Links box.

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