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Giving to Military Charity Associations

Navy wife Jennifer Cole (left) poses with her American Red Cross team at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. Photo courtesy American Red Cross

We all know that it's good to give. It's good for the recipient, and it makes us feel good about ourselves. But when trying to decide which of the -- no kidding -- 400,000 military charity associations that help families and veterans in some way to give our hard-earned dollars to ... We. Can't. Even. Worse, in recent years, some of the biggest and best known of these military charity associations have been hit with some less than stellar accu... more

Military Child Care

(Photo: U.S. Air Force/ Staff Sgt. Natasha Stannard)

Many of today's military families rely on quality child care as an important part of their support network. Parents want their children to be safe, happy, and healthy while they are in the care of others. Military spouses often work outside the home, continue their education, and play the role of single parent. The demands of military service come with frequent deployments, standing duty, training, and unpredictable work schedules with long h... more

Guard and Reserve Family Support Services

South Carolina Air National Guard families celebrate family day. (Photo: SMSgt Edward Snyder/South Carolina Air National Guard)

Is your spouse deploying for the first time, or are you a new spouse of a military Reservist or National Guardsmen? If so, there are many programs to support you throughout the deployment cycle, from mobilization through the service member’s reintegration. Guard and Reserve families may not have much time to prepare for deployment, so it's important to know the support and information resources in advance. Knowing as much as you can about the ... more

How Spouses Can Survive Boot Camp


Boot camp is more than just basic training for the service member. For most couples, it’s also their first introduction to the military lifestyle. While there’s no denying that boot camp will be a difficult, life-changing experience for you both, it’s also a great opportunity to grow stronger, and closer, together. > Flying Solo One of the hardest parts about military relationships is handling separation. Before boot camp, most couples haven... more

Military Weddings 101

Capt. Dawn Tanner and Dana McCown, a retired lieutenant colonel, share their first glimpse of each other before their wedding ceremony in Omaha, Neb., May 3, 2013. (U.S. Air Force Courtesy Photo/Capt. Dawn Tanner)

The day you say “I do” to a U.S. service member is like no other day in your lifetime. It is the day you commit your heart, your soul and your sanity to another whose life is completely out of his control. And that lack of control over the rest of your lives together, dear soon-to-be military spouse, is the first concept you must effectively grasp in order to pull off a truly successful military wedding.   Preparation is the second one. "The... more

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