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Stay-At-Home Mom? How to Fix Your Resume

Crafting a resume

No one needs to tell a stay-at-home parent how much work she does. (The answer? All of it.) But often, someone does need to help her figure out how to craft her resume. For a military mom dealing with an empty nest, an upcoming transition or an important life change, that challenge can be all too daunting. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be. "I'm Mom, Family CEO," says Jill, a 43-year-old Air Force wife. "Some people say being a stay-at-... more

Wasting Away in Martyrville

Stressed out

Rebekah Sanderlin

There's this place I visit from time to time. It's called Martyrville. Perhaps you've been there? It's really easy to find. You just zone out, miss the exit for the place you meant to go, and then find yourself broken down in Martyrville, a miserable city if ever there was one. Martyrville's residents are, how do I put this? Unattractive. They like to look haggard and frazzled, because they want to remind people -- and especially their ... more

Transition Dressed in Overalls and Hard Work?

Remember the old adage: Don't miss a golden opportunity just because it's dressed in overalls and looks like work.

With transition on the horizon, many military spouses find themselves trying to manage a new family dynamic. "I was always what kept things together," explains Andrea, an Air Force wife. "But it was different. He would be home from deployment and things would go back to normal. He was the money man. He was the guy who kept the family afloat. I just manned the ship when he was gone. Transition changed that." Things Fall Apart Andrea's... more

An Open Letter to Our Service Members

Love you note

Rebekah Sanderlin

Dear Must-Do Parents, As Must-Have Parents, we don’t talk about our partners, the Must-Do Parents, enough in this column. We definitely don’t give you the credit you deserve. That ends today. Thank you. Thank you for working hard. And thank you for being so good at what you do that -- even in this bad economy -- that it has made sense for our family to rely primarily on your income. Thank you for being willing to miss out on so much a... more

How to Rock Must-Have Parenting


Rebekah Sanderlin

How do you meet the considerable responsibilities of primary parenting, possibly while also working your own outside job, and still retain that piece of yourself that you just can't fathom losing? Slow cookers, Wi-Fi and yoga, that's how. Our grandmothers and great grandmothers had to spend hours planning and cooking meals. Their iceboxes were cooled by an actual hunk of ice. Laundry day took the whole day because they had manual washin... more

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YDU: I’m a Big Fat Fraud?

Why didn’t you tell me that I would be a big fat FRAUD? I have been through many, many deployments. So many, that I haven’t even kept track of the number. I have felt the dread of anticipation, the pain of separation, the fear when communication is shut down and the elation of homecoming. I ... Continue Reading

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