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New Spouse's Group Tailored to Men

The Aviano’s Integral Men group watches football and chats during their inaugural event, Nov. 15, 2014, at Aviano Air Base, Italy. AIM is a new group tailored to husbands of active-duty service members. Staff Sgt. R.J. Biermann/Air Force

AVIANO AIR BASE, Italy -- Aviano's Integral Men, a new spouse group tailored to husbands of active-duty service members, held their inaugural event here Nov. 15. John Duarte, AIM's founding father, described the group as a reflection of a growing demographic that is often underrepresented. "I've been here since the end of June and I believe it's important to volunteer and get involved in the community as much as possible," Duarte said. ... more

Woeful Lack of Military Knowledge Among Mental Health Providers

Pfc. Paige Pendleton/Army

Do you really have to put together a PowerPoint presentation if you want your therapist to understand your military life? It might save time. This week, the RAND Corporation released a new study that demonstrates the woeful lack of understanding mental health providers have about military members, veterans and families they treat. This is no surprise to military families. Spending the first couple of visits to a therapist explaining the freq... more

Support Our Troops

Looking for ways to support and honor U.S. military servicemembers and veterans who protect our security and freedom? In years past, you could wrap up a care package and mail it to "Any Service Member" for the holidays, but with increased mail restrictions, the Pentagon is asking people to help through financial contributions, letter-writing and e-mail, purchasing authorized pre-made care packages, or volunteering time through non-profits. Be... more

10 Lessons Learned With the Heart: Warrior Families at Fisher House

Courtesy of Fisher House

At Fisher House, managers pride themselves on the knowledge that you walk in a stranger and walk out as family. "Our families come from all walks of life and from all over the world," wrote Janet Grampp, manager of the Joint Base Andrews Fisher House in Maryland. "But when they get to Fisher House, they are ONE family. They take care of each other, cook for each other, give each other rides. They are connected." That connection is ... more

Ways to Show You Appreciate Military Families

Plastic flamingos

Love your neighbors? Appreciate all they do? Then maybe you just need to flock 'em. This week, my neighbors woke up to find a flock of plastic flamingos in their front yard. The accompanying sign said, "Congratulations! You've been flocked!" The sign also included some nice words of hope and support. Everyone who passes by has to stop and look. Maybe it is because we don't see that many flamingos in our neck of the woods. Maybe it is be... more

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