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Are You Experiencing Depression? 4 Symptoms You Should Know

Ms. Vicki

Depression is the fourth most troublesome illness in the world -- it's estimated that more than 120 milllion people suffer from it. In the US alone, it's estimated that each year 17 to 21 million people experience depression. This illness affects anyone, regardless of economic status, race, gender and age. On the other hand, women are twice as likely as men to be diagnosed with depression in any given year and among adults between the ages of ... more

Is Texting Better Suicide Intervention For Men?

Outreach for depression.

The sound of my momvoice could make my teenage son twitch all over like a fly-covered racehorse. So I started texting the guy when he turned 14.  I found he was happy to pick up milk on his way home or grab his brother as long as I texted him. He would explain exactly why he got home late or what happened to his chemistry grade as long as I did not talk out loud. During conflict, my son seemed to need the space and distance that texting coul... more

Domicile Residence and Travel Restrictions

GOBankingRates -- Retirement, Ken Teegardin

There are generally no restrictions on where you may retire. Travel restrictions are generally the same as for all civilians, and thus subject to State Department regulations. Exceptions usually only apply for members who were previously assigned to areas which required special security clearances. Members may not travel to those areas until their security restrictions have expired. Below is some information which may be useful for retirees w... more

Are Military Suicides Contagious?

When life gets difficult, suicide can seem like the only way out. (U.S. Air Force photo illustration/Steven White)

When so many good people are trying so hard to prevent suicide among our military members, why do the numbers continue to climb? One factor that we may be ignoring is the effect that all this media attention may have on the suicide rate. Especially in tight-knit communities like the military. Especially among members of the population who are under 24 years old. Since 1974, it has been established that suicide imitation can be spread inadver... more

Preparing Your Pets for a Natural Disaster or Emergency

Female soldier holds her puppy.

If you are like millions of animal owners nationwide, your pet is an important member of your household. The likelihood that you and your animals will survive an emergency such as a fire or flood, tornado or terrorist attack depends largely on emergency planning done today. Some of the things you can do to prepare for the unexpected, such as assembling an animal emergency supply kit and developing a pet care buddy system, are the same for an... more

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