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10 Lessons Learned With the Heart: Warrior Families at Fisher House

Courtesy of Fisher House

At Fisher House, managers pride themselves on the knowledge that you walk in a stranger and walk out as family. "Our families come from all walks of life and from all over the world," wrote Janet Grampp, manager of the Joint Base Andrews Fisher House in Maryland. "But when they get to Fisher House, they are ONE family. They take care of each other, cook for each other, give each other rides. They are connected." That connection is ... more

Ways to Show You Appreciate Military Families

Plastic flamingos

Love your neighbors? Appreciate all they do? Then maybe you just need to flock 'em. This week, my neighbors woke up to find a flock of plastic flamingos in their front yard. The accompanying sign said, "Congratulations! You've been flocked!" The sign also included some nice words of hope and support. Everyone who passes by has to stop and look. Maybe it is because we don't see that many flamingos in our neck of the woods. Maybe it is be... more

Social Media Provides Community for Isolated MHPs

Must-Have Parent

I have a jawbone on my wrist. Lest you think I'm a mutant or serial killer, my Jawbone is a fitness tracker. I keep it on for everything but bathing and swimming. It tells me how much I move and records my activity. The Jawbone app talks to other apps on my phone, and together they put together a fairly complete picture of what I eat, how much I exercise and the quality and quantity of my sleep. Watch me, please, Big Brother The craz... more

How to Get A Military ID Card for Newlyweds

Checking IDs at the Gate. Photo by Sgt. Marcus Fichtl, 8th MP BDE

First comes love. Second comes marriage. Third comes your tan military dependent ID card taking up space in your wallet. While your sailor, Marine, Coastie, airman or soldier serves in the military, you will need a military ID card in order to drive on base, use the commissary and exchange, enroll in Tricare (our health insurance), and take part in all other military benefits that come to you direct from your service member. Here are ... more

Spouses Need Service Members' Support to Be Happy

Must-Have Parent

And for a variety of reasons (stop-loss orders, being over halfway to retirement, promotions and great opportunities, loyalty to others serving and passion for the cause, and plain old stubbornness), leaving the Army was not something either of us ever seriously considered. Thankfully, he's never lorded that promise over me. But I've heard other service members use promises like that one as an excuse, saying things like, "I told her I'd ... more

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7 Things Every American Should Know About Military Families

Hello, America. It means a lot to military families to have the entire month of November set aside for National Military Family Appreciation Month. Over the last 13 years, you have seen military families like mine send our loved ones off to war. You have seen us welcome home our darlings. You have seen us ... Continue Reading

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