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Avoiding the Online Diploma Mill

Online degree

Military spouses often consider taking classes online when returning to school. And for good reason: Attending an online institution can help you balance the stresses of military life and academia. You can study from anywhere. Your academic options open up when you are not forced to attend whatever school is closest to your military installation. Military spouses, rejoice! But how do you find a program that is actually a good investment... more

Commentary: Providing Kids the Education They Need

School bus

Folks may have heard a lot about the Common Core State Standards recently, but what’s been missing from the discussion is how important the standards are to our military families. I’m a third-grade teacher in Florida, and I have seen the importance of the Common Core standards in my classroom. But more personally, I saw the importance in my own family when I became the guardian of my 16-year-old niece Kayla while her mother and father we... more

How To Get Military Spouse Cash For College

What is the secret to getting the most money possible to pay for school when you are a military spouse? Getting your FAFSA in right away. On January 1, the annual free application for federal student aid (FAFSA) will be released and with it will come a deluge of applications seeking help paying for school. The earlier you get your application in, the more likely you are to receive the maximum financial help you deserve. Want that maximum... more

5 Free Test Prep Sources for Military Spouses

Standardized Testing

SAT, ACT, GRE ... Signing up for the standardized tests you have to take when you apply to school can be a chore. Taking them can be that much worse. These tests are long. They can be difficult. And, unless you have a prodigious test-taking inclination, they require some prep work -- and that test prep can be expensive. Luckily for military spouses, SAT, ACT and other test prep and study guides can be accessed online and in person for fr... more

A Waste of Money for Spouses to Go Back to School?


Going back to school as a military wife or husband presents a host of problems.   On top of the steep tuition and lost wages, military spouses also have to factor in PCS moves, educational benefits that may or may not apply, and locations that are not always hotbeds of higher education. To figure out whether a degree would be a waste of money or a worthwhile investment in your career, start by asking yourself these four questions: 1. W... more

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Bad Interviewer: What Brings You To The Area?

Does your resume scream, “I’m a Military Spouse!” Mine sure does. With volunteer experience in military organizations and a variety of jobs (or the lack of jobs) every few months in different states, it’s safe to say I’m a military spouse. What do we do in this situation? There is much debate about whether to ... Continue Reading

Military Spouse Friendly Employers

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