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How to Use Military Life in a College Application

How to use your military life in a college essay

When it comes to your college application essay, you probably are not going to write about the three months you spent "finding yourself" in the Seychelles. The value of your spring break trip through Patagonia seems equally doubtful. We're guessing you won't even be writing about the 107 cats you saved from that burning building last year. Why? Because that is not your life. The military is. And you want to know how to use your milita... more

Squeeze Every Dime From MyCAA

Graduation Cap and Books

If you have been a milspouse for more than a year, you have probably heard a lot of complaints about MyCAA, the Defense Department’s tuition assistance tool for military spouses. The complaints are all true -- MyCAA offers less money than it used to. The limited rank availability can make starting and finishing your degree (while balancing the financial needs of your household) while you’re still eligible a little tricky. Also, if you want t... more

5 Steps to Transfer College Credits During a PCS

College campus

It also puts you in good standing when you do have to PCS: Students who transfer mid-college with a two-year degree already in hand are a lot more likely to get their bachelor's degree. Seventy-two percent of associate's degree holders who transfer mid-schooling still get their bachelor's degree. "I should have done that," Rachel said. "I had that option, and I really regret not taking it. If I had an associate's right now, even if I sti... more

Avoiding the Online Diploma Mill

Online degree

Military spouses often consider taking classes online when returning to school. And for good reason: Attending an online institution can help you balance the stresses of military life and academia. You can study from anywhere. Your academic options open up when you are not forced to attend whatever school is closest to your military installation. Military spouses, rejoice! But how do you find a program that is actually a good investment... more

Commentary: Providing Kids the Education They Need

School bus

Folks may have heard a lot about the Common Core State Standards recently, but what’s been missing from the discussion is how important the standards are to our military families. I’m a third-grade teacher in Florida, and I have seen the importance of the Common Core standards in my classroom. But more personally, I saw the importance in my own family when I became the guardian of my 16-year-old niece Kayla while her mother and father we... more

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