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I Forgot to Register My Child for Tricare

How to register you child with Tricare.

Dear Q&B, I'm not sure how it happened, but I totally forgot to register my newborn daughter in DEERS or for Tricare -- and I didn't realize it until we started receiving medical bills after her first birthday. I feel so stupid. We had some pretty big bills, too, including an ambulance ride. Will Tricare cover those retroactively if we get her registered now? Sincerely, Scatterbrained Mom Dear Mom, I know you were probably real... more

How Can I Get a Government Travel Card for My Military Move?

Government travel card

Dear Q&B --  I heard that the government travel card is supposed to be used for all military moves in the Army, but my unit says it’s only for temporary duty travel, so they won’t issue me one. I’m headed overseas with my family of five and being able to pay with the government travel card would really help my finances. How can I convince my unit to give me one? Sincerely, Let Me Use Plastic Dear Plastic -- Like many finance issues, the... more

Can a JAG Help Me Divorce My Service Member?

Just Divorced

Dear Q&B, I heard that I can go to the on-base JAG to help me get a divorce from my service member, but only if he hasn’t beat me there first. I was told they can only help one of us. Is that true? Sincerely, Can’t Take It Anymore Dear Can’t Take It: Deciding to pursue a divorce is a big decision. We are not lawyers here at the Questions and Benefits team, so please seek actual legal advice in addition to our help.  Like man... more

What Happens If We Don't Register With the EFMP?

Exceptional Family Member Program

Dear Q&B, My son has some minor special health needs, and I heard that I'm supposed to register him in the military's Exceptional Family Member Program. But I also heard that if I do that, my husband's career could suffer and that we could be limited on where we can move with the military. Is that true? Will we get in trouble if we don't register him? -- Worried Mom Dear Mom, The last thing any of us wants to do is hurt our spou... more

How Do I Get My Free Military Plastic Surgery?

Want to go under the knife on Tricare’s dime? You have to follow their rules. Photo: SnowBink/Wikimedia Commons

Dear Q&B, I heard every military wife gets one free plastic surgery while her husband is in the military. Someone else told me that it is only one free plastic surgery per family. But when I look on Google I can't find how to get it. Help? -- Ready for Implants Dear Implants, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the rumor that every military wife or dependent gets free plastic surgery just for being affiliated with the milita... more

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