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What Are My Military Divorce Benefits?

There are very limited circumstances in which divorced spouses receive military benefits.

Dear Q&B, I'm getting a divorce from my military service member. How long will I get to keep Tricare and get to use the commissary after my divorce? What are my military divorce benefits? Sincerely, Almost Out Dear Out, I'm sorry about your divorce. Unfortunately, there's no such thing as military divorce benefits unless your service member has been in the military for at least 20 years AND you were married for at least 20 years ... more

Can Veterans Shop at the Commissary?

Can veterans shop at the commissary?

Dear Q&B, I'm a veteran and want to shop at the commissary. What do I need? Sincerely, Honorable Discharge Dear Honorable, Sadly, for veterans to shop at the commissary, they have to be more than "just" veterans. Unfortunately, the commissary benefit is very similar to a lot of other military benefits, including exchange privileges. Only active-duty service members, Guard and reservists, medical retirees, retirees, Gold Star wido... more

Will the Commissary Price Match Other Stores?

(Photo: U.S. Air Force/Staff Sgt. Stefanie Torres)

Dear Q&B, This week, Aldi has avocados on sale for 49 cents each. I love avocados. But I do not love driving all the way to Aldi. The commissary's avocados are about $1 each. Will the commissary price match so I can just buy them there? Sincerely, Cheaper Guac Dear Guac, I feel your pain. Avocados are one of the best things on the planet. Their price, however, can often be enough to make you swear them off forever. Sadly, you won't ... more

10 Back-to-School Deals for Military Families

Row of school buses.

As summer camps wind to a close and kids make their final splashes at the pool, parents have one thing on their minds: back-to-school shopping. But when you add up the cost of all the items on your kids’ classroom supply lists, backpacks, clothes and shoes, back-to-school is expensive! The following is a list of discounts to help military families get the kids off to school in style while staying within your budget. Make sure to visit the Mi... more

Can I Transfer My GI Bill Benefits After I Retire?

GI Bill transferability rules

Dear Q&B, I have been retired for eight years, and I am pretty darn sure that I am not ever going to use my GI Bill benefits. How can I transfer that to my children? Also, does it have to go to just one or can I split it among more than one of my kids? Sincerely, Wasting Away Dear Wasting, We've got some bad news and, well, some more bad news for you. The first bad news is that you can transfer your post-9/11 GI Bill only while y... more

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