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Falling for an Online Romance Scheme

Avoiding online scammers

Dear Q&B -- A military man I've been in a relationship online says he needs me to send him money so he can come home from his deployment. He is a sergeant deployed to Syria, and he says he can't come visit me without paying to come home. His Army base is in Detroit. I already sent him money so that we could continue to talk since military men aren't allowed to be in touch with home without paying for it. Why does the military make him pay to... more

They Won't Give Him His Birthday Leave

Photo: Flickr user Will Clayton via the Creative Commons License

Dear Q&B, My husband is in the Army. The rules say he gets his birthday off. But my husband says his sergeant won't give him the day off for his birthday unless my husband can show him the policy that says so. Can you help me find it? Sincerely, Happy Birthday Dear Happy, Happy Birthday to your soldier. Unfortunately for your birthday celebration plans, I have bad news: There is no Army-wide policy that says he gets his birthday off. It... more

Are Military Holiday Party Expenses Tax Deductible?

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Dear Q&B, My husband is the senior leader in his unit and every year, like most senior leaders, we host a Christmas party for his unit's officers and senior non-commissioned officers. As you can imagine, it's really expensive. We love doing it, but the cost really adds up. We know this is just one of those expectations that comes with being higher ranking and getting paid more. But still, we'd like to save money where we can. Since this is ... more

Did Her Husband Give Her SGLI Away?

Photo: U.S. Marine Corps

Dear Q&B, I was going over my husband's LES and under the "remarks" portion of the LES it states that there was a change on November 1, but doesn't give any more details. My husband assures me that it states that only because he had to update it. But then he also stated a few days previously that he has to update it yearly. So it doesn't make much sense to me, and I feel his explanations are very vague -- there's too much gray area. I woul... more

Can You Transfer the Post-9/11 GI Bill After Retirement?

GI Bill transfer

Dear Q&B, I am a retired command sergeant major E-9 after serving 42 years. Can I transfer my GI Bill to my wife's grandson -- my step-grandson? Thanks, Hopeful Vet Dear Hopeful, Your question is the sixth one we've recently received inquiring about transferring the GI Bill after retirement or leaving the military. You want to give it to your step-grandson. Others want to give it to their child 10 years after getting out, or move ... more

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