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Do You Need a Tricare Case Manager?

Photo by Staff Sgt. Desiree N. Palacios/Air Force

Dear Q&B, My infant daughter has a lot of health problems, was in and out of the hospital from birth and had to start a special prescription formula. We had a lot of snafus with Tricare in the process, only to find out later that what we needed was a Tricare case manager to help us through our issues. We had no idea that was available until we had already had a lot of headaches. Can you tell others about case managers and how to get one? Si... more

College – A Look at How to Start Your New Journey!

College – A look at how to start your new journey! Presented by Dell

So you’ve finished your contract after years of dedicated service and you are thinking about going back-to-school? Or perhaps you are active duty and looking to get a head start on college, now. You may even be the first individual in your family to attend college. What a daunting and somewhat unnerving experience this may be! You are probably feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start. Sponsored Content from Dell If you're looking to... more

Veterans at the Commissary Would Cost Taxpayers More

Photo: U.S. Air Force/Senior Airman Daniel Hughes

Dear Q&B, If all veterans were allowed to use the commissary, wouldn't that help with the deficit that the commissary has? Sincerely, Would-Be Shopper Dear Would-Be, Your logic is really spot on, except for one thing: You're assuming that the way the commissary operates is logical. It's not. If the commissary were like a normal grocery store, the more people who shopped there, the more money the store would make and the less taxpayer m... more

Can Grown Children Qualify for Military Benefits?

(Photo: U.S. Army/Rachel Larue)

Dear Q&B, My wife's father is retired Army. Does she have commissary privileges? Sincerely, Eager Shopper Dear Eager, I've recently gotten many letters from wishful commissary shoppers or their parents. One retiree wanted to know if his daughter and son-in-law, who live near a base, can shop at the commissary. Another was like you -- he figured that since the commissary rules say only active-duty service members, Guard and Reservists, med... more

What Are My Military Divorce Benefits?

There are very limited circumstances in which divorced spouses receive military benefits.

Dear Q&B, I'm getting a divorce from my military service member. How long will I get to keep Tricare and get to use the commissary after my divorce? What are my military divorce benefits? Sincerely, Almost Out Dear Out, I'm sorry about your divorce. Unfortunately, there's no such thing as military divorce benefits unless your service member has been in the military for at least 20 years AND you were married for at least 20 years ... more

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