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How to Replace a Dependent ID Card After the Retiree Dies

If you lose your military ID card, you might need to get a visitor’s pass. Most military bases still check for military ID at the gate. U.S. Air Force photo

Dear Q&B, My mom is 91-years-old, and she has lost her military dependent ID card. My dad was a Navy military retiree, but he died two months ago. I have Dad's old ID, but now need to replace Mom's ID. What do I need to do? Sincerely, Retiree's Adult Kid Dear Adult Kid, ID card rules and navigating the system can seem really tricky. Military identification cards are really easy to lose and very difficult to replace. But since they... more

What Are the Military Vasectomy Rules?

The rules for getting a vasectomy while on active duty are not cut and dry. (Photo: Flickr user Derek Hatfield/Creative Commons)

Dear Q&B, We want my husband to get a vasectomy, but we heard that they have military vasectomy rules for who can get one based on age, number of kids you already have and even the kids' gender. My husband's buddy told him that the doctor said he can't get a vasectomy unless he is over 30-years-old or has three kids of any gender or, if he only has two kids, one boy and one girl. Is that true? Sincerely, Fix My Husband Hi, Fix.... more

Do I Have to Tip the Movers?

Are you supposed to tip military movers during a PCS? We know the answer.

Dear Q&B: I've heard that some military families give their packers and movers cash tips during a PCS. Now I'm worried that if we don't give them money, they are going to break our stuff on purpose. No one talked about tipping during the transportation briefing. What should I do? -- Don't Break My Stuff Dear Stuff, Whether to tip the movers is one of those timeless debates among military families. From what I can tell, most mili... more

How to Read a Military LES

Understanding your LES

If you've ever faced a deployment, you know one of the first things you'll be told to do for family readiness is to get a copy of your spouse's Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) -- and to make sense of it. Even if a deployment isn't on your horizon, it's good to be familiar with the LES. We've heard horror stories about spouses learning their husbands turned down SGLI, and others for whom extra pay was (surprise!) deposited into their ... more

Commissary 101: How to Shop at the Commissary

  Whether you're new to military life or not, we’ve got everything you need to know about how to shop at the commissary.

One of the many benefits of military life is discounted shopping on base. While the on-base department store is known as the "exchange," the on-base grocery store is known as the commissary. And like most things in military life, it comes with its own quirks and rules. You can make the most of your commissary trip and feel like an old pro whether it's your first time or 50th, by reading our handy guide. Here's everything you need to know... more

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