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Help! They Never Told Me the GI Bill Transfer Rules

Airman 1st Class Rachel Loftis/Air Force

Dear Q&B, When the time came to re-up my service in the Reserves, my wife and I thought about it long and hard. Renewing meant I could transfer my GI Bill benefits to my daughter but it also meant another possible deployment to a war zone, and we weren't sure this was in the best interest of our family. After great thought and prayer, we determined that being able to transfer the GI Bill benefits to my daughter was worth it, so I renewed a... more

Can My Grandson Be Registered in DEERS?

Army photo

Dear Q&B -- My husband is in the military and my grandson lives with us. I'd like for my grandson to be able to access military benefits like healthcare. How do we get him in DEERS under my husband? Sincerely, Grandma Dear Grandma -- Let's just cut to the core: Unless your husband adopts your grandson or he's officially placed in your husband's custody by the state, the military will not give your grandson military benefits. Grandchild... more

Can I Get a Military ID With a Felony Conviction?

U.S. Air Force photo

Dear Q&B, I've cleaned up my life and am going to get married to an awesome military man pretty soon. I've got a job, and I haven't broken any laws for several years. But I do have an embarrassing past: I have a felony drug conviction as an adult. My future husband and I are worried that I won't be allowed on the military base because of my felony conviction and that they won't give me a military ID card. How does that work? Sincerely, Fel... more

How to Renew a Military ID Overseas

DoD photo

Dear Q&B -- My stepdaughter, who is my dependent, is going to college full time in the Philippines and needs to renew her military ID Card. How can I go about getting this done? Sincerely, Stepdad Hi, Dad -- Renewing a dependent military ID card while overseas isn't necessarily simple, but according to Defense Department officials it can be done. If your stepdaughter were overseas in a place within traveling distance of a U.S. military... more

Falling for an Online Romance Scheme

Avoiding online scammers

Dear Q&B -- A military man I've been in a relationship online says he needs me to send him money so he can come home from his deployment. He is a sergeant deployed to Syria, and he says he can't come visit me without paying to come home. His Army base is in Detroit. I already sent him money so that we could continue to talk since military men aren't allowed to be in touch with home without paying for it. Why does the military make him pay to... more

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