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More Military Spouse Friendly Employers

<!-- .company p { padding-bottom:20px; } --> Many employers value the talents, skills and attitudes of military spouses. Here are just some of the organizations that are military spouse-friendly. To view available opportunities for an organization, click on the link below the employer description, or search all jobs. View A-G View S-Z H&R Block You could earn extra income on a flexible schedule. H&R Block is look... more

7 Ways To Get Transition Started

transitioning Soldier holds beret

You know the numbers: A million service members are transitioning out of active duty in the next five years. If your service member is among them, you know first hand how stressful, hard and scary the process is. But it doesn't have to be.   We've talked to three military wives who have just made the big move to civilian life with their service member. "One thing for sure is that for the wife, transition is a lot of work," Alicia said,... more

5 Outrageous Mistakes MilSpouses Make on Resumes

resume magnified 380x253

Military spouses come in all ages, with all varieties of skills, all kinds of experience, and all levels of education. Still, no matter how diverse spouses may be, there are several common mistakes they make when writing their resumes. For six years, I have been assisting active-duty members and their families with writing resumes and searching for jobs. During this time, I have noticed the same five problems that can serve as a disadvantage ... more

How to Get an Online Job

Online Jobs

"I know an online job would be perfect for me, but I don't know how to get one," says Laura. Laura has been looking for work online for over a year. She knows these jobs exist because she keeps hearing about friends of friends who have them. But she hasn't been able to find one herself. Even though MOAA's Military Spouse Employment Report indicates that telecommuting was the benefit spouses wanted most from their employers, those jobs... more

Real Spouse Employment: Bank Vice President

Beth Hicks

Jacey Eckhart

I am often a skeptic when it comes to corporations with military spouse programs. I'm just so sure that the only thing on offer will be a position as a cashier or call center operator. Yet some of these corporations really do have a good thing going for miltiary spouses -- especially when they are willing to move the job when a spouse must PCS. Beth Hicks is a military spouse and a vice president and branch manager at Bank of America i... more

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Bad Interviewer: What Brings You To The Area?

Does your resume scream, “I’m a Military Spouse!” Mine sure does. With volunteer experience in military organizations and a variety of jobs (or the lack of jobs) every few months in different states, it’s safe to say I’m a military spouse. What do we do in this situation? There is much debate about whether to ... Continue Reading

Military Spouse Friendly Employers

  • H&R Block

    H&R Block

    You could earn extra income on a flexible schedule. H&R Block is looking for Tax Professionals. We're in as many locations as you are. Start with The H&R Block Income Tax Course. Enroll Now! Learn more about H&R Block
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