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Transition May Mean Back to Work for Spouses

Warrior Transition Unit Soldier Maj. Lonnie Britton, 479th Field Artillery Brigade, listens to instructions on how to fill out the Individual Transition Plan that is part of the new Transition Assistance Program, or TAP.

It might be something simple: cutting down the hours you run the AC in the summer, driving less, making fewer trips to Target. Simple measures can make a huge difference financially, so be amenable to them. But put bigger options on the table, too. "Really talk about whether or not you should be looking for work even if you're happy being a full-time mom," Stephanie said. "I didn't want to leave the kids, but it didn't make sense for him... more

When Must-Have Parents Must Get a Job

Must-Have Parent

Rebekah Sanderlin

Nearly every day, my two older kids tell me what they want to be when they grow up. At ages 9 and 5, they change their aspirations much faster -- and more frequently -- than they change their clothes.    Wildlife photographer. Professional soccer player. Teacher. Scientist. Paleontologist. Artist. Engineer. Marine Biologist. Koala doctor. Pokemon collector. These are jobs they've considered just this week. Currently, my 5-year-old daught... more

Do SAHMs Need a Mom Job, Too?

Children draw at a desk.

"You go through that stay-at-home mom experience thinking it will always be like this. The crayons and naps and Buzz Lightyear. The early years. Then they're in school, and you're rushing around from drop-off to volunteer as room mom for one and reading coach for the other and to pick-up and drop-off for sports. You barely catch your breath, and they're gone." It is a universal, if slightly terrifying, truth for all stay-at-home pare... more

Military Spouse Volunteering Tips

Are you a spouse seeking volunteer work? Getting a volunteer gig is much like getting a full-time job, and requires many of the same tasks. Follow these tips below to help increase your chances of landing a good volunteer job: 1. Communicate your experience in your resume. Yep, just like a real job, you'll want to give a good impression of your skills, experiences, and interests in your resume. For a boatload of resume tips, visit the Militar... more

10 Awesome Jobs With an Associate’s Degree

A recent graduate holds a degree and smiles.

A little education in the right field goes a surprisingly long way for a military spouse. We discovered these ten great jobs that you can get with an Associate’s Degree through your MyCAA benefit. All of these are jobs that you can find anywhere, so no need to worry about being limited to the geography of your base. Moreover, they’re all in demand in today’s job market. No matter what your skills or interest, one of these jobs is bound to be ... more

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Booted Hickam Spouse Wins New Contract Process

A military spouse owned small fitness business that was given the boot from Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam (JBPHH), Hawaii in late May after a contract was instead awarded to different company has won a request for a fresh contracting process. Rather than allow the original winner, non-military affiliated Boot Camp Hawaii, to move forward, officials with JBPHH ... Continue Reading

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