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5 Things Service Members Do For Their Spouse's Career


As military spouses, we often find ourselves explaining away our professional histories: gaps in our resume, frequent moves, things that make it look like we have sacrificed our own dreams for those we love. We don't have to sacrifice our careers, especially if we get some support from our service members. We can figure this out. "The only reason I have a career is that my husband supports me," Annie says. Annie is a 37-year-old par... more

Real Spouse Employment: Children's Author

Bridget Platt

I was lucky. Being a teacher is a great job to have as a military spouse, especially if all your PCSs happen in the summer months, as all of ours did. I was able to send out applications and resumes each spring when we found out where we were moving. I had a job lined up almost immediately after moving. How does your service member support your career? In every way possible! He helps me any time I have a question about rank or corr... more

Can You Balance Life, Work AND Military? Show Me How

Work Life Balance

"When I read it, I thought, 'I am so much like her.' I didn't take a sick day at my last job because I was so worried that if I did, no one would have any sympathy if I had to leave to deal with something military," she says. So when she left her job for a PCS, she had more than three weeks' of vacation saved up. "Unfortunately, they didn't pay it out when I quit. It was money down the drain." Maggie's husband has been in the Air Force f... more

How to Talk About Your Salary History


Mary had every reason to hope she would be making more in her new position. Not only did the job she was applying for have increased responsibility, but prior to their PCS, she was about to be promoted into a similar position.   She walked away from her job with new skills and great recommendations. "I was hoping for at least $17.50," she said, so she applied to jobs in that range. When she made it to the interview process, she was t... more

Real Spouse Employment: Program Coordinator

Mattrice Williamson, Military Spouse Program Coordinator for Hiring Our Heroes

My support from my service member involves communication, hands-on help with household responsibilities and emotional encouragement. I could not do what I do without him. What is the biggest career mistake you made? Looking back over the 20 years and 13 moves, I would say that my biggest career mistake was not taking advantage of opportunities to enter an organization as an entry-level employee. What one piece of advice would you give t... more

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9 Ways to Get Hired Now, Military Spouse

After five rounds of interviews and a test that I passed with flying colors, I was rejected from my dream job at a public relations firm in Washington, D.C. I was told it was because there wasn’t a “personality fit.” But this claim coincided with the firm finding out that I was a military spouse. ... Continue Reading

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