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Diploma, Wedding, Baby … Now What? 4 Steps to a Fabulous Future

Mother and child

Andrea met her now-husband when she was only 16. It's a familiar path for military couples. "He always talked about joining the Marine Corps," Andrea says. "He was obsessed with it." Three years later, he signed on the dotted line and put on his first pair of cammies. Andrea graduated high school the next year and within months, the two were married. "It was a dream come true," Andrea says. "All [of our] friends were trying to find jobs and... more

How to Get Free Career Counseling for Military Spouses

Barbara West, program coordinator for the Family Member Employment Assistance Program offers Kishwar Speir, a Marine spouse, literature on interviewing after the “‘Acing the Interview”’ workshop at Quantico. Ameesha Felton/Marine Corps

Do you ever wish there was a career placement officer for military spouses, too? Wouldn't it be awesome if your service member brought home their new assignment, PCS orders and a shining, new, well-paying, career-advancing job for you, too? Ain't gonna happen. Even though the research shows that military life makes it more difficult for spouses to find work, the one in four military spouses who are currently looking for a job are respons... more

The Year of the Military Mompreneur

Photo by Cpl. Charlie Clark/Marine Corps

That was then. Now, Joelle takes the neologism as a point of pride. "I'm still trying to get my consulting company off the ground, but now I wear the label 'mompreneur' as a badge of honor. Yeah, I'm starting my own company. I'm volunteering on the PTO, too. I want everyone to know my family is still the most important thing in my life, but that doesn't mean my dreams are on the back burner. It all matters to me." Balancing Work, Famil... more

10 Signs Your Career Is Ready for Transition

Job Application

Classifieds are on the breakfast table. Transition is on the horizon. Your spouse is dreaming big about a new civilian career. Is it time you do, too, Military Spouse? For plenty of spouses, the answer is a resounding yes. "We're finally turning away from the military," says Alexis, a Navy wife. "Now I can think about what I really want to do with myself, too." Alexis' euphoria about a new dream job was not immediate. She was working ... more

Transition Without Fighting: Handling Your Emotions

Sgt. 1st Class Danny Licciardi and his wife Charlene. (Photo Credit: Rick Scavetta, IMCOM)

Just like you can count on Murphy's Law to go into effect the minute your loved one deploys, there are a few universal truths we have found that apply to all spouses during transition:  1.) It is really hard.  2.) It is easy to make mistakes. 3.) A lot of the work falls to you.  It is the first one that really gets you. "For a while there, we were fighting every night," says Erin, a Texas-based Army wife whose husband recently learned he ... more

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