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Rules for Home-Based Businesses in Stateside Military Housing

An Air Force spouse displays crafts at a home business expo. (Photo: U.S. Air Force/ Senior Airman Michael)

We all know that having a career while married to someone in the military can be hard -- really hard. That's why so many military spouses have become home-based entrepreneurs or turned to direct sales. While having your own home-based business may solve your career portability problems, it does open up a new world of other challenges, especially if you live in on-base housing. Every business operated out of on-base housing is supposed to reg... more

Why Military Spouses Need a Personal Brand

Barbara West, program coordinator for the Family Member Employment Assistance Program offers Kishwar Speir, a Marine spouse, literature on interviewing after the “‘Acing the Interview”’ workshop at Quantico. Ameesha Felton/Marine Corps

When service members move, there's always a job lined up for them on the other end. As a military spouse, you have those same moves -- but not a guaranteed job.  Once the orders come in, you need to start a brand-new job search in a new location, which leads to an inconsistent resume.  Some military spouses opt to stay at home with their children, work from home, or pursue freelancing jobs during their spouse's career.  Sometimes deployment... more

Three MilSpouse Tips for Working From Home

(Photo: Courtesy of David Mulder via the Creative Commons license)

I've spent the last decade working from home, and one day last spring comes to mind when I think of why. I got my kids off to school, drove back home, tidied up the house and then sat down at my desk to work. Within minutes of me sitting down, my phone rang with a call from an unfamiliar number. My dog Hank, a yellow Labrador, had escaped and a kindly person had found him. Of course, I had to go right then to retrieve my retriever. I sat dow... more

Nine Jobs for Military Spouses That Move with You

Filling a pharmacy prescription.

Finding a job that moves with you is tantamount to reaching the brass ring of military spouse employment. After talking to dozens of spouses in various fields, we know that this is what everyone wants: real jobs that become real careers that make real money. Not many spouses are interested in a gig that’s "fine for right now." With your wisdom and the newest data on fields experiencing the most growth this year, we’ve compiled a list of prof... more

Military Spouse Jobs on Base

commissary checkout 428x285

There are plenty of jobs available to military spouses on base. And while every service branch and every installation is different, but most bases will offer the following opportunities: Exchange and Commissary Jobs Your local exchange or commissary both have great employment opportunities. Visit's Commissary and Exchange section to learn more. Federal Government Positions Federal Civil Service positions are listed on the go... more

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