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Dear Career: Why Won't USAJobs Respond to Me?

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Dear Career, I'm starting to get really frustrated. My husband finally retired, and all I want is to provide for my family. I've submitted applications through USAJobs and a few contracting companies, but the only thing I've heard back in the last two-and-a-half months are a couple of rejections. What am I doing wrong? What should I be expecting? Help! Transitioning Spouse Dear Transitioning, I understand your frustration. I'm just gu... more

Has Being a Military Family Parent Hurt Your Career?

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If you're like up to 42 percent of military spouses, according to a report by Blue Star Families issued last week, things like frequently moving and solo parenting have left you totally unemployed. Those with jobs are likely to be working in a position they're over-qualified to do, the report says, with more than half saying that having a spouse in the military has had a negative effect on their ability to find a job that meets their educatio... more

Operating Home Based Businesses in Military Housing

Family outside suburban house.

We all know that having a career while married to someone in the military can be hard -- really hard. That's why so many military spouses have become home-based entrepreneurs or turned to direct sales. While having your own home-based business may solve your career portability problems, it does open up a new world of other challenges, especially if you live in on-base housing. Every business operated out of on-base housing is suppo... more

How Can I Be a Military Spouse and Still Have It All?

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Dear Career, I read all the time about "having it all," which to me means having a career, spending time with my family and having at least a tiny bit of down time throughout the week. Here's the problem I'm having: The military always wins. It's hard enough finding a job as a military spouse, but if my career is always second, how in the world are we supposed to "have it all?" -- Second Fiddle in South Carolina Dear Second Fiddle, I fe... more

Dear Career: Why Can't I Find a Job?

Photo: Marine Corps/Lance Cpl. Sarah Wolff-Diaz

Dear Career, I have been unemployed for five months thanks to moving to a new duty station. I have applied for hundreds of jobs and attended job fairs, but I've had only two interviews so far. I have experience and a degree, so I can't figure out what is going on. I thought I was targeting my resume, but based on not finding good leads, I think something must be missing. Help! Sincerely, Confused in Colorado Springs Dear Confused, If ... more

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