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  • AAFES Offers Spouse Employment

    Things are challenging for transient military spouses with children, who suffer an unemployment rate of 30 percent. Nearly 17 percent of approximately 35,000 Exchange associates identify themselves as military spouses. The Army and Air Force Exchange Service spouse continuity and preference programs allow spouses and domestic partners to build a career alongside their Soldier or Airman with each relocation. Complete details on how to apply for... more

  • Army Spouse Needs Kidney

    Army wife Tawanna Clapp spends 21 hours a week on dialysis. She has the kidney disease focal glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) and needs a new kidney. Tawanna has A-positive blood that means her donor must have the blood type of either A-positive or A-negative or O-positive or negative. If a donor kidney can be found, the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix will do the procedure. Qualifications for a living donor at the Mayo Clinic include: 18 years or older, bloo... more

  • Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts

    The DoD DOL pilot program known as the Career Advancement Accounts program, has been replaced by the DoD program known as MyCAA. Several MyCAA policies have recently been updated learn more. more

  • Spouse Welcomes Home Husband

    Marine homecoming 600x400

    I started thinking about what I would write in this blog post just a couple of hours before my husband returned from his yearlong deployment. I wasn’t sure what my topic was but then I had an epiphany. I had just completed all the typical rituals a spouse does when her husband returns: shower, color my gray hair, shave my Euro-legs and armpits — you get the idea. We were geographically separated before the deployment and will be until June.... more

  • Military Spouse Volunteering Tips

    Are you a spouse seeking volunteer work? Getting a volunteer gig is much like getting a full-time job, and requires many of the same tasks. Follow these tips below to help increase your chances of landing a good volunteer job: 1. Communicate your experience in your resume. Yep, just like a real job, you'll want to give a good impression of your skills, experiences, and interests in your resume. For a boatload of resume tips, visit the Militar... more

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