• 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment

    The 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment's mission is to organize, equip, train, resource, and employ SO aviation forces.
    160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment shield
  • Profile: 919th Special Operations Wing

    The 919th Special Operations Wing is the only special operations wing in the Air Force Reserve.
    23rd Special Tactics training.
  • Marine Recapture Tactics Team

    Naval bases are full of sensitive equipment and personnel so average security won't cut it - enter the Recapture Tactics Team.
    Marines performing CQB training
  • 95th Civil Affairs Brigade (Airborne)

    95th Civil Affairs Brigade Soldiers enable military commanders to improve relationships with various stakeholders in a local area.
    95th Civil Affairs Brigade water parajump practice.
  • Profile: 75th Ranger Regiment 3rd Battalion

    Following operation "Urgent Fury," in Grenada, the Department of the Army ordered the activation of the 3rd Battalion.
    3rd Battalion Ranger aiming with a rifle.

Special Operations Overview

Called upon to perform the toughest duties in the armed forces, Special Operations Forces directly affect the protection of America's freedom.


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Profile: Special Operations Training Battalion

Spec. Pilego endures water survival training.

Mission SOATB conducts basic Army Special Operations Aviation individual training and provides education in order to produce crew members and support personnel with basic and advanced qualifications for the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne).  Soldiers and instructors from the Special Operations Aviation Training Battalion welcome conventional unit to the Allison Aquatics Training Facility (AATF) at Fort Campbell, Ky., to teach water survival techniques. The training meets a key priority for Lt. Gen. Charles T. Cleveland's, the United States Army Special Operations Commander, ARSOF 2022 vision to bridge critical seams ... more

The Meaning of Being an 'Air Commando'

Senior Airman Joe McFadden saluting Air Commando tablets.

"Having Hurlburt Field on a set of orders does not make you an Air Commando-- you have to earn it."  I wasn't sure what to make of that phrase when Vincent Milioti, former director of the Combat Aviation Advisor Qualification Course, told me it in October 2009. I was fresh out of technical school and reported here, my first duty station, a few weeks before. Its opening formula was simple, but the conclusion was vague. What exactly did it take to be an "Air Commando?"  Yet, the significance of those words - the challenge to earn a title - remained fresh in my mind throughout my story on CAAMQC then and even to my last day here this week.... more

Profile: 2nd Ranger Battalion

2nd Ranger Battalion deployed in Afghanistan.

Recognizing the need for a highly trained and mobile reaction force, after the activation of 1st Battalion (Ranger), 75th Infantry the Army Chief of Staff, General Creighton Abrams, directed the activation of a second battalion sized Ranger unit in the fall of 1973. The 2D Battalion (Ranger), 75th Infantry was activated at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash., Oct. 1, 1974. In February and March 1975, a group of cadre was trained at Fort Benning, Ga., and formed a solid core of leaders capable of instilling Ranger values and doctrine into the first volunteers of the Battalion. In April 1975, the Battalion conducted its first training event and... more

Profile: 353d Special Operations Group

353d Special Operations Group icon.

The 353rd Special Operations Group is the focal point for all U.S. Air Force special operations activities throughout the U.S. Pacific Command theater. The group is comprised of more than 750 Airmen and home-based at Kadena Air Base, Japan. It is the only Air Force Special Operations unit in the Pacific. The 353rd SOG is prepared to conduct a variety of high-priority, low-visibility missions. Its mission is air support of joint and allied special operations forces in the Pacific. It maintains a worldwide mobility commitment, participates in Pacific theater exercises as directed and supports humanitarian and relief operations.  History T... more

Services Open Combat and SOF Jobs for Women

Airman Karley Karlson providing security.

The Defense Department continues working toward its goal of ensuring the mission is met with fully qualified and capable personnel, regardless of gender, the Pentagon's director of officer and enlisted personnel management said here yesterday. Speaking at a House Armed Services Committee subcommittee hearing on women in service, Juliet Beyler said the services and U.S. Special Operations Command are working with research agencies to review and validate occupational standards. "The department is proceeding in a measured, deliberate and responsible manner to implement changes that enable service members to serve in any capacity based on th... more

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