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  • US Navy SEALs
    Navy SEAL Requirements
    Although there is no easy way to become a SEAL, there are several ways to become a SEAL candidate.
  • US Navy SEALs
    Navy SEAL Training
    What does it take to be a Navy SEAL? Here's a rundown of the physical and skills training required.
  • US Marine RECON
    Marine Corps Special Forces (MARSOC) Training
    In addition to regular Marine Corps training, a MARSOC candidate will be required to attend the Marine Special Operations Indiv...
  • US Army Rangers
    Joining the Army Rangers
    All Rangers volunteer to become members of the 75th Ranger Regiment and complete a rigorous program to join the ranks of this e...
  • US Army Rangers
    Army Special Forces Training
    Like all soldiers, SF candidates begin their career with nine weeks of Boot Camp. Upon completion of Basic Combat Training you ...

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  • The Navy SEAL Rumor Buster
    Special Recon, Direct Action. Sound Like You?
    Special Operations Forces are the elite commandos of the U.S. military. They are called upon to perform the toughest duties in the armed forces, and their actions directly affect the protection of America's freedom. Are you one of them?

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