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  • First Female Marines Apply to MARSOC

    Female U.S. Marines in training navigate through forest grounds using the land navigation instruction given by their combat instructors at Camp Geiger, N.C., on Oct. 10, 2013. Maricela Veliz/U.S. Marine Corps

    Just weeks after previously closed military ground combat and special operations jobs were declared open to women, the Marine Corps' special operations command has had its first female applicants. Maj. Gen. Joseph Osterman, commanding general of MARSOC, told the command has already received several requests from female Marines to enter the assessment and selection pipeline to become a critical skills operator. While Osterman... more

  • The Re-Branding of MARSOC

    MARSOC Officers training in a forest.

    After proving themselves in special operations through the Marine Special Operations Command Detachment One in 2003, a pilot program formed in response to a Special Operations need in Iraq and Afghanistan, the MARSOC branch of Special Operations Command (SOCOM) was born. A decade ago, the need was met within the Special Operations community by adding MARSOC to SOCOM. Creating an "elite force within an elite force" has always been a tough... more

  • Marine Special Operations (MARSOC)

    US Marine RECON

    In October 2005, the secretary of defense directed the formation of a Marine component of U.S. Special Operations Command (MARSOC). It was determined the Marine Corps would initially form a unit of approximately 2,500 to serve with USSOCOM. On Feb. 24, 2006 MARSOC activated at Camp Lejeune, N.C. MARSOC initially consisted of a small staff and the Foreign Military Training Unit, which had been formed to conduct foreign internal defense. F... more

  • 10 Things to Know about the Marines' Plan to Open Combat Jobs to Women

    Female Marine infantry students hike during patrol week near Camp Geiger, N.C., in October 2013. (TYLER L. MAIN/U.S. MARINE CORPS)

    Defense Secretary Ash Carter has yet to sign off on the Marine Corps' plan to integrate women into previously closed infantry jobs. But a draft version of the plan, first published this month by the Christian Science Monitor, sheds light on the Corps' thinking and priorities as it prepares for the historic move. A defense official confirmed the plan published was a draft version provided to members of the Senate and differed only slig... more

  • Your Ad Here? Brothers Promote Toilet-Paper Ads

    toilet paper ads

    RYE BROOK, N.Y. - Two brothers from a New York City suburb have an advertising concept that's on a roll - a roll of toilet paper. Bryan and Jordan Silverman are creators of toilet tissue printed with ads, and sometimes with coupon codes that can be read by cellphones. The Journal-News says in a story Sunday that the brothers expect their product to appear this fall in the Port Chester-Rye Brook Public Library. Twenty-two-year-old Jordan Silv... more

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