Navy Reserve Enlistment Bonus Program

The Navy Reserve offers many incentives for joining; these include several types of cash signing bonuses, education bonuses, and additional incentives. If you qualify for more than one bonus the Navy Reserve may combine them to pay a combined bonus, which is not to exceed $20,000.

How the Navy Reserve Pays Bonuses

If you enlist for cash bonuses the Navy will normally pay the entire bonus amount (lump sum), when you arrive at your first permanent duty station, after you have successfully completed your training. In some cases the Navy may pay the bonuses incrementally as you reach certain career milestones or following special training.

Navy Reserve Cash Bonuses

The following is a quick summary of the current Navy Reserve Cash Bonuses:

  • Non-Prior Service (NPS) Basic Bonus – Up to $20,000
  • Prior Service Enlistment Bonus – Up to $20,000
  • Recruiting Selective Conversion Reenlistment  - Up to $10,000

Non-Prior Service (NPS) Basic Bonus

The Navy EBSRP offers cash enlistment bonuses if you choose to enlist in the Navy Reserve for six years, regardless of the Navy career specialty (Rating) you choose.

Prior Service Enlistment Bonus

This bonus is for former enlisted sailors who have satisfactorily completed their initial military service obligations. The maximum bonus amounts are $20,000 for a six-year enlistment and $10,000 for a three-year enlistment.

Recruiting Selective Conversion Reenlistment  (RESCORE-R)

Prior service active duty sailors approved for enlistment via the rescore-r program in an eligible rating may apply for a prior service enlistment bonus provided they meet all other basic bonus eligibility criteria.

Navy Education Incentives

The Montgomery G.I. Bill - Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR)

The Navy offers the Montgomery G.I. Bill - Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR), a tuition assistance program to help with college expenses. This benefit pays you a stipend, up to $309 a month (for full-time enrollment), while attending college (or other approved technical school). Over a period of 36 months, you can receive up to $11,124.

The MGIB –SR Kicker

The Navy also offers the Montgomery GI Bill – Selected Reserve Kicker, which combines with and increases the maximum monthly payment rate by $200.

For more detailed information on how enlistment bonuses are paid, contact a recruiter.

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