Marine Corps Reserve Re-Enlistment Bonus

The Marine Corps Reserve offers many incentives for re-enlisting these include cash and education bonuses.

Most cash enlistment incentives may also be combined with either the Army Reserve’s Loan Repayment Program or the Army Reserve GI Bill Kicker, but not both.

Marine Corps Reserve Cash Reenlistment Bonus

For FY 2007, first and second-time reenlistment bonuses are $5,000, paid in a lump sum. A Marine must be in the rank of Sergeant or Staff Sergeant, with less than 16 years of total military service, and reenlist into a valid slot in one of the following MOS\\\'s:

SERGEANT: 0211/0241/0321/0341/0352/0481/0612/0613

STAFF SERGEANT: 0211/0231/0321/0369/0431/0619/0629

The following basic qualifications apply:

  • You must reenlist for a period of 3 years between October 1, 2006 and September 30, 2007.
  • You must have completed the required training commensurate with their grade and PMOS.
  • You must have passed their mandatory participation stop date.
  • If you qualify for a 2nd reenlistment bonus, you may reenlist no earlier than 30 days prior to the end of your current contract, but not later than the date on which the enlistment for which the first bonus would expire.
  • If you are currently on your 8-year military service obligation (MSO) must be within one year of your MOS expiring.

Marine Corps Reserve Education Reenlistment Incentive

The Marine Corps GI Bill Kicker can give you educational assistance payments of $350 per month for up to 36 months of full time education, in addition to your current MGIB payments. The payments are authorized in conjunction with either the Active Duty Montgomery GI Bill (ADMGIB), or use with the Selected Reserve Montgomery G.I. Bill (SRMGIB). Payments may be pro-rated for less than full time college enrollment.

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