The Marine Corps Enlistment Bonus Program

The Marines offer two cash enlistment incentives to highly qualified applicants the MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) Bonus and the Shipping Bonus.

The MOS Bonus

In order to receive the MOS Bonus, you must agree to enlist in a specific Marine Corps job (MOS). In addition you must remain in the specified MOS throughout your entire “term of enlistment” in order to receive the total dollar amount.

The Shipping Bonuses

This bonus is designed to encourage you to report to recruit training during certain times of the year. The shipping bonuses will be paid once you complete recruit training. Unlike the MOS bonus, there is no “term of enlistment” requirement.

All Marine Corps Enlistment Bonuses are paid in lump sum.

Marine Corps Enlistment Bonus award levels may vary throughout the year. You must contact a Marine Corps recruiter for details about current eligible MOSs, shipping dates, and award levels being offered.

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